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Seven Things You Should Know About The AdWords Exam

Helen Brown

11 years ago



The AdWords and Analytics exams and certification are considered a requirement on a variety of job roles within the marketing industry today.

With so many people having to pass the exams, exactly what should a candidate know about before taking the exam?

1. You Need a Candidate ID

If you are a “first- timer” with the Google exams you must sign up for a Certification program account. This provides you with a candidate ID, you will need to enter this when setting up your test center account in order for your results to be reported within your certification program account. The ID takes the following format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. If you have previously taken a Google exam, you will already have stored this on your profile.

2. You Need to Download Google’s Exam Browser

After creating a login and submitting profile information, you will be prompted to download the testing center’s browser, this will lock your screen and you won’t be able to view any other pages on your browser whilst taking the exam.

3. This is What the Exam Interface Looks Like

Learn the exam browser interface functions.  Then take full advantage them when sitting the exam.

How the AdWords Exam Interface Looks Like - White Shark Media Blog

    • You can mark a question for further review later
    • There is a review screen where you can review questions that you may have skipped or marked for further review
    • There is a drop down in the top of the exam screen, you can use this to jump to specific questions. The drop down will also display the question status eg. Whether it is answered, unanswered, marked for review or not previously seen.
    • You can right click over the answer option text to strike out any options you know are incorrect if you wish.
    • You can undo the action by hovering over the sentence and repeating the action.
    • You can add comments on the specific questions during the exam if you wish by clicking the ‘comment’ icon.
    • You can click to review the exam, and clicking end will submit the exam for marking

4. You Cannot Pause or Restart the Exam.

Take your bio break before you sit down for 2 hours to take the test.  Switch off your mobile, inform anyone in the room not to disturb you.

5. The Pass Marks Are…

Make sure you answer all of the questions. If you do not complete all of the questions within the time limit, your answered questions will be marked and any unanswered questions will be classed as incorrect. The pass marks for the exams are as follow

  • Fundamentals – 85%
  • Search – 80%
  • Display – 70%

6. The Exam Is Old

Expect to see questions in the exam based on outdated functions. The AdWords interface and it’s functionality is advanced compared to the learning material, but if you want to achieve the required passmark, you need to be familiar with the content in the Google learning center.

If You Fail You Can Resit

If you should happen to fail the exam you will have to wait seven days before you resit an AdWords test, if you fail the analytics you will have to wait 14 days. Unfortunately, candidates who fail initially will have to pay the test fee again when re-taking the test. If this happens to you, don’t be disheartened! just look at it as an opportunity to brush up a little more on your knowledge.


Preparation is rarely wasted.  Taking a little time to learn what’s expected to pass a Google exam can make the difference between a pass and a fail.  With the passmark as high as 85% there is little room for error.  Hopefully by taking the time to reconnaissance the lay of the Adwords exam you have given yourself an edge.  The difference between a pass and fail could be one question.

Checkout the Adwords exam simulator at iPassExam.  As well as hosting thousands of Adwords questions written in the style and format of the Adwords exam, iPassExam’s simulator allows you to test yourself in exam conditions to assess if you’re ready.

Helen Brown is the Google certification resource editor at iPassExam and a senior member of the AdWords Community Forum.

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