Top 5 Reasons Why a PPC Plan Is the Key to a Realtor’s Success

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



Not long ago, business people were afraid of transitioning to the digital world since there was not much proof that online advertising was a worthwhile investment.

Nowadays, we have another story to tell. The effectiveness of digital advertising and ecommerce is indisputable.

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Let’s say that you already have a website page for your business. This is good for starters, but it does not work much if you do not have potential customers visiting your website, so now you need to ask yourself the following question,

What’s the best advertising method to attract consumers to your website?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and this is a digital advertising model through which you can make your ads visible to potential buyers by setting up a campaign and paying a fee every time someone clicks on your ad.

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Now you might wonder if this advertising method would be a good fit for your industry which is entirely understandable. Keep reading to become acquainted with the main five reasons why realtors with a PPC plan succeed.

1. Relationship Building

While real estate relationships have the potential to start everywhere— from coffee shops to grocery queues— snagging the right kind of relationships is critical. The most effective and valuable shall begin with those actively seeking the same real-estate-involved relationship you are. 

The best way to find such prospective connections is online, where users searching for real estate options are likely to be more receptive and open to your ads.

2. You Only Have to Pay For Performance

One of the reasons why PPC ads make so much sense for realtors is that they’re straightforward. Remember, PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click,’ meaning that advertisers only pay when an interested user acts on an ad and clicks on it. 

In traditional advertising, such as TV or print, realtors spend X amount of dollars and can only cross their fingers and hope that their efforts translate into actual engagement with their ads by their desired market. 

With PPCs, however, they get to see exactly where their dollars are going and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by keeping costs tied to an actual performance-based metric.

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3. It’s Faster Than SEO

SEO can be a truly effective way of directing traffic to your site. Still, it comes with a considerable drawback “time.” Even the most powerful SEO campaigns can take months for site owners, including realtors, to see results. 

The vast number of competitors and the time it takes for SEO to “prove itself” to search engines can slow down an advertiser’s efforts and ultimately cost them potential customers. A PPC plan serves ads to target audiences as soon as they go live, giving marketers instant results. 

Not only does this give realtors a chance to reel in money sooner than SEO and other traditional ads, but it also gives them a chance to analyze the effectiveness of their keywords and target audience selection. This resulting information can help realtors to construct more successful SEO campaigns.

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4. Ideal for Becoming Top-Of-Mind

 Email marketing campaigns can only help you to keep your business top-of-mind for potential consumers if you have an email address. It’s with a well-thought-out PPC strategy that realtors are able to find the ultimate solution to this dilemma. 

The first lies in the basic fact that the right PPC plan can be used to help advertisers obtain the contact information of potential buyers and sellers. By displaying an ad that reroutes those who click on it to an email subscription page, realtors can obtain the information of potential clients, including phone numbers, emails, and home addresses.

The second solution lies in a PPC ad’s ability to re-market or retarget users who have previously visited a realtor’s website. Without ever having to secure a visitor’s contact information, realtors can keep their business in the running as online users compare their offers to competitors.

5. Better Engagement

Google is on a constant hunt for ways to improve user experience, and this is because it’s one of its primary sources of revenue. Along Google’s journey to tweak and improve the user experience, the search engine discovered that videos receive the most clicks from users. 

Non-coincidentally, video listings have become the bread and butter of the real estate marketing sphere. More realtors are now showing off their listings with attractive and engaging videos as a way to attract new leads and spark interest in properties.

Realtors who use engaging video PPC ads are more likely to gain the favor of search engines like Google because of their ability to give them greater revenue returns.

Wrapping Up!

In such a competitive market like real estate is of paramount importance to try new advertising strategies. PPC plans have demonstrated over the years to be a worthwhile investment, and well, now you know why. At this point, your next step should be to try it out and see how a PPC plan can take your real estate firm to new heights.

Keep in mind that you are not alone in this. If you want to start focusing on your PPC advertising efforts but are unsure how to do it, you can count on our digital marketing agency. Our PPC specialists can help you build a plan according to your budget, needs, and goals.

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