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How To Get New Clients to Trust You When They’ve had a Bad AdWords Experience

Ana Lucia Morales

10 years ago



It’s exactly like dating, whenever your boyfriend or girlfriend messes up, you don’t really start trusting a new person right away. It takes time and a little bit of a background check!

Yes, I said a background check. If you are considering hiring a new agency, you need to dig up some information about customer satisfaction by reading the company’s reviews and testimonials. That’s exactly why agencies and several businesses upload testimonials to their websites, to build trust and confidence with clients.

When having a new partner, you ask your friends about this person, look them up on Facebook and Twitter, etc.. Hiring a new AdWords agency is the same; clients are afraid of starting from scratch with a new agency, so they do some market research to make sure they pick the agency that best matches their interests and needs. Here are some tips for all SEM experts to secure clients and start strong client relationships in general.

Nurture Your New Client

Nurturing a relationship with your client is a crucial part of getting them to trust you. It’s a very decisive point where you need to have communication. And as we all know, having a strong communication is the key to all healthy relationships.

As a SEM Strategist, you need to make a positive and memorable first impression. These clients had a bad experience before, therefore you need to give them confidence that you know what you are doing. Do your homework, and study your clients’ business, their audience, competitors, services, market trends, etc.

This way you will be able to understand what their goals are and in what direction they want to take their business. Remember, the first impression can make or break the deal, so be prepared to understand your client’s problems and make them your own. By doing this, you will quickly connect with the client and earn his trust.

The First Week is Essential

You would think that after having a wonderful first conversation, it would be enough to seal deal. But, you are wrong, you still have to prove yourself. Make your contact information available so they know they can always contact you. Call them instead of emailing if you have any questions regarding their AdWords campaign, it shows your level of engagement and interest. Use email for minor details, or to sum up your phone conversation or last meeting.

Always Listen To What They Have To Say

Customers are the life-blood of the company and not dealing with them could cause a repercussion. Answer their emails in less than 30 minutes and give them the BMW treatment. They will feel as a priority.

The BMW Treatment

I heard this term over with a co-worker of mine and I thought it was funny because it’s true. BMW is a luxury and exclusive vehicle brand that makes the car owner feel like he gains some status by owning the car. It makes the owner feel ‘exclusive’, and that’s exactly how you should make your client feel as well. Treat your client as a valued partner and not only because of their price plan. Whether he is a big client or small client, it does not matter.

“92% of consumers say that they trust recommendations of friends and family above all other forms of advertising”. Word of mouth is still the most trusted source. Make sure they know that you truly value them as a partner, treat them like royalty and they will return the favor.

Build a Friendship (Aka Rapport)

I prefer calling it a friendship because a “friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.” Instead of just being another paid worker, I like bonding with my client. It doesn’t hurt asking them how their day is going and how you can make their day better. Your client’s well being, it’s your well being, it all goes back to the BMW treatment in a full circle.

Go a step further and if they need anything that doesn’t imply your work description, just do it. For example, throwing in a mobile friendly website for your client, I’m sure they will appreciate it; and in return, it will help your AdWords campaign. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Be Transparent With Your Work

Always be transparent with your client and your work. Give them access to everything you use, show them how to use Analytics, and if you are using call tracking tools, make sure they get those reports. This is exactly how you prove yourself.

We like using Go To Meeting to walk through reports; it’s the perfect tool to share your screen and to incorporate the live visual effect to your meeting.

Always send reports! Make sure to send your client a monthly report with statistics and how you’ve managed to help them with their AdWords campaign.

Transparency means that you have nothing to hide.

Keep Your Promises

Always follow upon your promises. If you tell your client you will have the campaign ready by Friday. Pull an all-nighter, but make sure the campaign is ready by that day. That’s how you gain their trust and confidence. They know that you are responsible and you are able deliver to fulfill their expectations.

Speaking of expectations, at the beginning of that first call you must set realistic goals regarding their campaign. If you do not set up realistic goals your client will be disappointed and frustrated, and the company will end up with one less client.

I’ve heard some crazy goals like 200 calls a week from some clients who are just starting off with AdWords, but you are the strategist and you need to reason with the client to start off with something more realistic. At the end, that’s what they hired you for, so you can provide them with your expertise.

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