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Cheat Sheet to Outranking Your Competitors’ PPC Ads

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Have you ever searched for yourself on Google or Bing? Most of us have. Have you ever searched for your business on Google or Bing? All of us have, and it’s incredibly annoying to discover that your competitor ranks better than you. As we discussed in a recent #Sharkclips video, it happens, but it doesn’t always have to be the case.

As you know, your ad rank determines the position that your ad takes on paid search results. This is influenced by a plethora of factors. It is only intimidating when we don’t know what those factors are. Read on for a set of influential devices to implement in your PPC strategies that can change this:


Take Full Advantage of Ad Extensions



First things first, ad extensions are additional information provided about your business. They come at no extra cost and allow the user to get the essential details they need upfront. Available on both Bing and Google platforms, including these specifics can improve the visibility of your ad, lead to more clicks, and improve your ROI.

Because algorithms work to serve the most relevant information to satisfy the user’s needs, the more information they have to work with, the better.

Both Google and Bing provide helpful guides to enhance ad ranks via ad extensions.


Some starting points:

  • Make sure to enable extensions
  • Provide suitable information on your extensions to keep it simple and useful to users
  • Keep up with the extensions that aren’t automated
  • Review their performance by noting what information drives CTR


Pay Close Attention To Your Ad Copy

Ad copy is the text that’s used in your ads. It’s the text that helps target your audience, peak their interest, and get them to take the next step. There are three types of copy to optimize:

Eye grabbing headlines

There are many ways to grab someone’s attention, but here are a set of strategies to consider when writing your headlines:

  • Solve an issue they are having
  • Appeal to their humor
  • Appeal to their intent
  • Appeal to an interest through a question or fact
  • Succinct text

Similar to Ernest Hemingway’s writing style, you want to keep your text simple and unadorned. Keep the text close-fitting to your subject and let it be a quick resolve to the user’s needs.

Clear Call to Action

Using powerful, clear communication goes a long way. Ask your audience to take one action. Think actionable words. Direct them. This can help boost your Click-Through-Rate, resulting in a higher ad position.



Following Best Practices For Quality Score



Quality score is an essential factor to mastering PPC. It estimates the relevance and performance of your keywords, landing pages, and ads. It influences the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns on both Google and Bing.

On both Bing and Google, the quality score is based on the elements mentioned above. However, the things that work for Google Ads won’t necessarily work on Bing Ads, which is where differences come into play. Improving quality score will vary on each platform.

Similar to racing two different car brands. Each vehicle needs to be manipulated differently to get the best performance from each.

Evaluate how you are approaching each of the elements mentioned above. Contact one of our representatives to learn what else you can be doing to improve performance and outrank your competitors.



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