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PPC Agencies: Follow-up and Close Sales with These 3 Tips

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Rapport is built over time, which means that follow-ups are crucial to making these kinds of connections. This is especially true in business relationships when you are trying to get a potential client to warm up to a new product or service.PPC agencies are no exception to this rule, and must build strong relationships over time with all their clients.

One of the most common mistakes that sales teams make is sending the perfect email or rocking a meeting and never following up.

Would you go silent after a great interview or date? No. The same rules of engagement apply for selling PPC. A great experience is an excellent foundation for a relationship, but it is in the steps that follow that a conversation transforms into something profitable for both sides.

Have you fallen behind on your sales follow-ups? Check out these three tips to find the best tools, follow the best practices, and learn why follow-ups are so important for your business relationships and sales deals.

1. Improve Response Time & Quality of Follow-Ups

It’s considered a best practice to reach out within 24 hours. The sooner you send this follow-up, the better. It prevents you from forgetting the details of the conversation and keeps the experience fresh in the prospect’s mind.

A follow-up should review the points discussed and highlight your team’s interest in addressing questions or concerns.

Our White Shark Media Compass offers both Automated PPC Audits and a Proposal Engine that allows your team to cut down on response time.

  • Automated audits strengthen the team’s pitch with 30 performance-based metrics across Google and Microsoft accounts.
  • Our proposal engine puts together white-label proposals. Each proposal makes its case with keyword recommendations, competitor data, ad previews, and more.

These tools have white-label marketing options that allow partners to brand our tool, add it to their websites, or send the information directly to clients.

2. Provide Additional Value Through Content

Follow-ups that include valuable content give prospects a reason to respond. Great content will push the sales cycle along.

Content that will help conversations continue includes blog posts, infographics, helpful stats, success stories, and downloadable guides.

You can gather content from White Shark Media’s Collateral Library for up-to-date, verified content. Access vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and other materials to upsell your PPC services and all Google and Microsoft products.

3. Track Communications & Schedule Follow-Ups

Giving your PPC agency team the tools to make follow-ups easier is a win-win for everyone involved. It automates steps, ensures that they are not overlooked, and creates order.

The Partner Portal aligns your PPC agency with your potential client’s expectations and facilities communication, making it easy to connect at any time.

Features such as performance graphs, proposals, support cases, reports, and more can be used to track campaign progress, prepare for new opportunities, and close deals.

Creating a follow-up schedule will ensure you remain consistent with your communications and prevent the leads you worked so hard to attain from falling through the cracks.


Follow-ups are a crucial contributor to rapport, but they don’t have to be daunting and time-consuming. The right tools will guide your team along with the appropriate schedule and make sure they’re including the right information.

Learn more about White Shark Media’s Compass. Request a free demo today with one of our PPC experts!

The points above show how a sales enablement tool can make a difference for your team, not only in reducing the time invested but in elevating the quality of the interactions.