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The PPC Strategist’s Checklist for Mobile Landing Pages

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a campaign. Users arrive after clicking on your ad. Each page should direct users to URLs that address their questions. The usefulness of this experience will weigh in on your quality score as it should provide the user with relevant information and assist with navigation.

It is recommended to create a separate page for mobile users as responsive pages are not enough anymore. Responsive landing pages were originally designed for desktops so they don’t have a natural flow to them. Designing for mobile allows pages to be displayed optimally, focusing on the user’s experience.

Have you ever had to block the sun from the screen because you couldn’t make out the text or the images where loading slowly? It’s important to remember that your users might be in the middle of something when they reach your page. Make it easier for them to search your page, keep contrast high so images are crisp and clear, and don’t overload the page with images or text. White space is your friend.

Mobile landing pages should follow a minimalist design. Content is best showcased in one column so that it is easier to scroll up and down for information. Make sure that users aren’t fishing for information as their attention spans are shorter while they are on the go.

Remove any unnecessary videos, images, or text that don’t answer basic questions or aren’t aligned with the texts in the ads that you’ve created. 

Additional features that will be useful to your landing pages are created CTAs that allow users to call vendors or businesses directly. This will prevent missed opportunities. They can be pop-ups or located on the page, make sure they are not light on copy, appealing, and clear. 

If you will be including a form for users on your landing page, keep it simple and use buttons to minimize typing for users. 

The information above might seem intuitive but making sure each of these is applied to your designated pages will not only add value to the user experience but can increase conversions for your business.

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