Goals & Trends: PPC Practices for 2020

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As the new year rolls in, we’re excited about where our campaigns are heading. Advances in the digital realm have paved the way for new strategies in the year to come. Check out some of the trends our strategists are focused on for 2020. 

Audience Targeting

The recent year brought awareness of audience targeting capabilities on both platforms, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Each provided features and strategies to reach ideal segments faster and more purposefully. Now that these are in place, 2020 will demand a focus on tactful and relevant messaging for these audiences. 

It will be interesting to see how advertisers leverage Google’s audience signals and Microsoft Advertising’s LinkedIn Targeting to inform their customers about the benefits of their products and services. Stay tuned for relevant media to learn how businesses do this. 

At White Shark Media, we’re currently focused on showing the right message to the right audience. We’ll be providing blog recaps on how this is done. Follow us on our blog to get the latest!

Are you interested in learning more about how to leverage features to target your audiences? Check out our online courses to learn all things PPC today.


The computers aren’t taking over; they are here to help. In PPC, artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are taking over several tedious tasks. For one, machine learning supports advertisers with automated bid adjustments and optimizations for better quality scores and ad ranks.

Moreover, these same advances have permitted tools that help advertisers, as well as agencies, manage processes and improvements efficiently. 

If you’re struggling with PPC, check out White Shark Media’s AdInsights and Optimizer. Our tools can audit all your Google or Microsoft Accounts in minutes and provide step by step guides to making the optimizations required to help you reach your objectives.

Voice Search

Word on the street is that voice search will continue to grow in the upcoming year. According to Entrepreneur, “it’s easy to see why some experts are predicting that 50 percent of searches will be voice searches by 2020.”

The leading reason advertisers will want to take note of this is that they will wish to incorporate conversational phrases rather than written inquiries to appear in relevant searches. 


Each of the trends mentioned above are things we’re eager to tackle here at White Shark Media. As a team, we’re excited about the new tools that have surfaced in PPC for the new decade. To learn more about how to achieve your objectives in 2020, subscribe to our blog for PPC updates and industry specifics. 

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