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4 Reasons Your Campaigns Aren’t Working For Your Franchise

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Could your business be doing better? Definitely, especially if it’s a franchise. PPC advertising for franchises is particularly challenging because it can’t be run like an average campaign. Though there is a central strategy, ads need to be managed separately by location. These variations pose challenges in relevance and delivery you’ll need to know how to manage.

Below are some of the common PPC mistakes led by franchises. Review each as you create or revise your PPC campaign strategy.

Sticking to Generic Efforts

When it comes to promoting franchises, using generic keywords can play a part in attracting audiences that are disinterested and unreceptive to your product or services. Though luring in users with generic terms, you fall prey to people who are not interested while still paying the higher cost for a common phrase or keyword.

The second issue of generic keywords and phrases is that there is more competition, which means the cost goes up. The ad with the highest bid per click will be featured for what will result in an increased price. Doesn’t sound like much fun, huh?

The same goes for not customizing ads with local. This is proven to optimize PPC as consumers tend to place their confidence and trust in local businesses. Localized keywords will usually provide businesses higher conversions for lower bid prices.

Weak CTAs

Call-To-Action buttons can do a lot for an ad. It directs users to take one clear action. Used to engage and convert customers, CTAs should clarify what comes next and make it sound simple. Using the right verbs or phrases will be extremely effective in filtering out high-quality leads. CTAs should match up with the flow of your consumer’s journey, inform them, and be consistent with prior messaging.

Blah Landing Pages

Ad campaigns will direct users to a landing page. Opportunities are lost when landing pages aren’t as strong or don’t align with the consumer’s impression of the brand. Landing pages are important because they are the next step in the sales funnel. If your PPC campaigns are working, that last thing you’ll want is consumers visiting your page and jumping off soon after.

Poor Analysis

The best analysis of PPC performance will have excellent data tracking and insights on performance month over month. The historical data and trends should lead to constant tweaks in campaigns. Things will fluctuate, and it’s important to have continual monitoring to determine those jumps and readjust accordingly.

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