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Top 5 Reasons Why your AdWords Agency Should Also Offer Integrated Web Services

Gary Garth

11 years ago



When SMB owners suddenly realize that they may not have the firmest grip on their AdWords performance, they many times look to outsource their endeavors with an agency that seemingly can take them to the next level.

However, what many folks don’t realize is that a stand-alone agency just focusing on PPC in this day and age just isn’t enough.

Considering the direct correlation AdWords campaigns have with websites’ landing pages, you’d be leaving your SEM-related online marketing efforts half-done really if you neglected to take the simple action of integrating your web and AdWords management services.

Without further ado, I give you my top 5 reasons why your AdWords agency should also offer integrated web services to truly make an impact on your bottom-line:

1. For Strategic Planning Purposes
When laying out a strategy on how your AdWords efforts will yield you positive results, it’s clearly evident that the consumer’s path starts with clicking on your ad but then it’s all on your website to deliver the goods.

At this point, AdWords has played its part. Now it’s time for your site to do its job. Question is… can it? This is why it’s crucial to understand that when you lay out a sound AdWords strategy, it’s vital to understand how well your actual website will support whatever you’re selling through your ads.

Become Able to Deal with Both Before and Post Click

It’s highly important that you choose an agency that is well-equipped to deal with both sides of this coin. The agency in question must understand that the consumer’s experience on your website’s landing page is what ultimately determines whether a conversion takes place or not.

Once this basic principle is understood, the agency can then create a plan of action whereby the proper weight is given to optimizing landing pages (and the site in general), to best complement AdWords-driven visitors.

2. Content!
Then, of course, there is content. Content is king they say. You can have the best ad in the world, but if that visitor is redirected to a landing page that is irrelevant to the user’s expectations… you have a serious problem.

It’s elemental to be able to draft good content but the truth is SMB owners aren’t all good at absolutely everything! Look for an agency that has the ability to properly convey your company’s product or service’s clear value proposition.

It’s of the utmost importance that you hire a firm that can properly articulate your company’s vision, properly position and present your line of products and services, and have the proper mechanisms in place to assure conversions come through for you without a hitch. These basic components are a must and they truly should be given to the right individuals to handle for you.

You Need a Prominently Displayed Phone Number if  You Want Calls

A great example is if you have an AdWords ad with a call-to-action telling searchers, “Call Today to Learn More!” but when searchers click on your ad, there’s no phone number anywhere on the landing page! Although this seems like a no-brainer, it happens much more often than you’d like to think.

The point is to seek out an agency that gives great attention to detail since minuscule particulars such as this can make all the difference in the world.

3. Call & Conversion Tracking Problems with Flash-Based Sites
Another common reality among SMBs is that many of their sites out there are Flash-based. This proves to be very problematic for advertisers attempting to add on 3rd party call tracking services.

In order to effectively do this, one has to assure that the landing page where your business’ contact number appears is non-flashed based. Otherwise, your number won’t be able to dynamically change as the software normally makes it do for the prospect.

Furthermore, regarding conversion tracking, problems sometimes arise when JavaScript coding (a scripting language used by AdWords) interacts with Flash-based sites. However, in most cases, JavaScript and Flash can work together just fine.

JavaScript is able to call Flash functions that can handle your Flash animation. The problem arises, however, when there is a third party involved – a site builder company. Many site-builders are built-in Flash-based environments.

The issue is that they just give you a front-end perspective of your site and do not provide a file manager where you can manage the root files of your website. The trouble with this is that you are not able to insert JavaScript code normally as in any HTML-based site. The only way to insert custom code is to use special HTML widgets to insert any additional code (which they will not support) and most of the time, will not work.

So in order to upgrade to a more PPC-compatible site, niche expertise is needed. Make sure you shop around and opt for a qualified agency that can truly guarantee your tracking efforts on your site are handled as seamlessly as possible.

4. The AdWords Quality Score is Affected Otherwise
A huge factor to consider when pursuing PPC efforts with a subpar-level website is how it affects your overall AdWords Quality Score. As we know, the Quality Score you hold is indicative of the level of overall quality of a job you’re doing with your campaign.

One of the many things that kills Quality Score is poor site loading time. The layman is not easily aware of these details when the provider they originally hire creates their site. Truth is however, many providers do not fully optimize sites and provide a poor product.

The reason why slow loading times affects QS so is because undoubtedly, it incredibly diminishes user experience. Google factors this into the equation when calculating Quality Score.

5. Google Analytics (GA)-Ready
As we know, Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. GA is mandatory to have installed on your site if you really want to get the best picture of how your PPC efforts are interacting with your website.

None of this will be possible however if you have a site that’s not GA-friendly or if you don’t install the GA coding properly throughout your site. This could be a detail-intensive task so doing the job right is key for GA to run smoothly.

This concludes my 5 reasons why your AdWords agency should also offer integrated web services as part of your package deal with them!

What are your Thoughts?

Have you had some noteworthy negative experiences in going at with an agency that only offers you a limited service range? Share your feedback today in the comments box below! 

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