Remarketing: Everything You Need to Know to Fuel Your Revenue

Antonella Saravia7 months ago

Remarketing: Everything You Need to Know to Fuel Your Revenue

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When was the last time you purchased a service or product immediately after knowing about it? I’m sure it’s been a while since you made such a quick decision. Nowadays, users consider factors beyond price before deciding which product to purchase.

With so much information available through mobile devices, users continually search for, evaluate, and re-evaluate purchase options. This is what Google calls the “messy middle.” In other words, the consumer journey is no longer linear.

So, how can marketers reconnect with prospective customers as they evaluate their options? This is a one-word answer: Remarketing. This strategy is often underestimated and used only for brand awareness. However, it also helps reconnect while delivering the right messages to the right people.

To illustrate, our strategists recently flagged a Seeds N’ Such campaign targeting people who were not familiar with the brand. A simple focus on targeting past visitors led to an increase in Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS), conversions, and revenue. Learn how we turned this campaign around with remarketing.

In this blog, we’ll go over the fundamentals of retargeting to help you boost your PPC campaigns just like Seeds ‘N Such did.

What Is Remarketing?

What is remarketing?

Connecting with users who have previously interacted with your clients’ business is essential. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience or purchase a product or service the first time that they are exposed to it. This is why PPC strategies like remarketing are so helpful for digital marketers. These allow strategists to follow up with users that showed some initial interest in a website or app.

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Whether it is via Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, remarketing can drive sales, increase registrations, and promote awareness for a brand.

Though retargeting strategies work similarly on both platforms, each has unique benefits. The Google platform is known for its higher search volume. On the other hand, Microsoft offers marketers less competition and lower prices. Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Advertising here!

Why Is Retargeting So Important?

Available on both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms, remarket solutions help accelerate PPC campaigns’ impact.

With Google Ads, you’ll have the potential of reaching over 2 million websites and apps across devices in the Google Display Network.

Similarly, Microsoft Advertising Audience Network offers the ability to reach users browsing on Forbes, AOL, Yahoo, and Amazon.

Remarketing Statistics

Remarketing campaigns will also allow your team to leverage automated bidding, produce engaging ads, and pull performance reports.

There’s No One Size Fits All With PPC Remarketing Ads

A standard remarketing campaign features ads to past visitors as they browse sites and apps on the Display Network. As you see the impact that this functionality has on your client’s campaigns, there are other Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising strategies you can try:

Dynamic remarketing

This is a more tailored form of remarketing. Dynamic remarketing is a more directed approach that allows marketers to bring users back to complete the buying cycle by showing them ads containing the specific products and services they viewed on your site.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

These are displayed when users perform follow-up searches for what they need on either platform, Google Ads, or Microsoft Advertising.

Video Remarketing

Youtube Ads will focus on showing ads to users who have interacted with your videos or channel while browsing on YouTube.

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Customer Match Lists

Customer match lists allow users to upload lists of contact information provided by customers letting Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising show them product ads online.

Getting Started With PPC Remarketing

Though retargeting campaigns are proven to drive results, an account’s goals will determine which type of strategy to leverage and how to do so. Below is a list of things to consider when narrowing down what you’d like your campaigns to achieve and who you’d like to reach:

  • Google advertisers can target all website visitors and app users: Use “Google Ads optimized list” to reach website visitors, app users, and other audience sources.
  • The Microsoft platform offers MSFT targeting options as well. Learn more about Audience targeting.

Also, make sure you use Smart bidding strategies to optimize conversions.

Smart Bidding Strategies Explained

Below is the list of our team’s favorite smart bidding strategies; all of these have proven to drive conversions and help achieve goals:

Note: Manual bidding strategies are ideal if you wish to set a maximum CPC bid.

Tip: Consider raising your bid to reach more customers and improve your ROI. Staying competitive through your bidding strategy and having a decent quality score improve ad rank, increasing your chances of being seen on the Display Network.

The Secret Formula to Drive Results: Setting Pay-Per-Click Campaigns The Right Way

As you set up your remarketing campaigns, make sure you consider the following best practices:

  • Target similar audiences, such as people who have similar characteristics with those on your existing remarketing lists.
  • Re-engage with visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts.
  • Create awareness of secondary or complementary products or services by upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. A list of “converted customers” will focus on customers who are already interested in your business. Be sure to customize your ads for this group. You can also create remarketing lists for specific products.
  • Touch base with customers within a specific time following a purchase to create a remarketing list with a specific duration.
  • To avoid overwhelming consumers, cap the number of times your visitors can see your ads.
  • Schedule ads for the hours and days that your target audience is most likely to see them.

Tips For Better Remarketing Ads

  • Your creative strategy should be tailored to your ads. For best performance, be sure to keep content relevant to the audience, maintain a uniform look, and catch call-to-actions. For more on testing ad copy, read our post on split-testing.
  • Use responsive display ads that automatically adjust size, appearance, and format to fit just about any available ad space, whether that’s a banner ad or dynamic text. These ads save you time and ensure that the best ad format shows across different ad spaces and websites.
  • Increase bids on remarketing lists that are more likely to convert.


As you can tell by our walk-through, remarketing campaigns allow for so many more opportunities to reconnect with users that have already shown interest.

As you continue learning about how you can touch base with ideal audiences, focus on the goals you’d like to reach. Narrowing down an account’s objectives will make each of these functionalities easier to measure.

Experts can help you do that should you be interested in White Label PPC Services. They can carry each of these campaigns into 2021 for results that mark the difference. To learn more about white label marketing services and PPC sales enablement tools that can help you see significant results, reach out to one of our PPC specialists or subscribe to our blog!

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