Discover a New Revenue Source Through Cross-Selling SEO to Clients

Suzanne Montoya

2 years ago



With a highly competitive market that’s constantly changing, counting on only one marketing channel isn’t enough. In fact, according to Forbes, up to 73% of retailers have stated the importance of being omnipresent for potential customers.

How does this translate into search engine optimization? 

Many expert marketers agree that organic search is the most valuable marketing channel. Based on research conducted by Bright Edge, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search alone on average. Combined with a paid search strategy, this percentage increases to 68%!

So, to maximize the leads generated to a site, a combined search strategy is a must. That’s why we’ll go over the basics of cross-selling SEO, along with the top benefits SEO can provide to websites. 

Lastly, we’ll go over some strategies to cross-sell this service.

What is a Cross-Platform Marketing Strategy?

An effective marketing strategy must target potential customers at every step of their buying journey. And to do so, your strategy must be omnichannel

cross-platform marketing

Cross-platform marketing ensures that a business is found online through multiple touch points. Establishing your brand in these different places can drive consumer decisions in preferring your brand over your competition. Therefore, it incentivizes potential customers to purchase your product or service.

But, how can a marketing agency help achieve this for their clients?

Simple: through cross-selling tactics. 

Cross-selling in digital marketing consists of providing clients with complementing and supplementing products or services for their main purchase. 

In other words, it’s about encouraging customers to buy an additional product that’ll enhance the experience of the product they were initially going to purchase.

the concept of cross-selling vs. upselling

Why Consider Cross-Selling SEO Services?

Similar to what you would consider cross-selling social media services, cross-selling SEO’s primary goal is to increase your online presence overall. 

Nevertheless, SEO can indeed provide a site with its benefits. 

For instance, Google Ads campaigns significantly boost performance when a site has good SEO because of landing page experience provided on sites with proper search engine optimization is far superior to websites that simply count on PPC campaigns. 

After all, a solid SEO strategy consists of improving your website for Google to understand its contents better and rank it for the most relevant search queries. You can achieve this through three significant efforts: on-site optimization, quality content creation, and authority building.

Moreover, inside these improvements, SEO also focuses on enhancing the internal linking structure of your website, which, in turn, can help guide users navigating through a website to the most important product pages, thus increasing the conversion rate on your site. 

Lastly, since proper search engine optimization allows your website to appear more on local searches potential customers make, it can help drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. 

Signs a Site Might Need SEO

Truth is: 

If you have a website, then you’ll need an SEO strategy. 

However, some other telltale signs that you might need SEO include:

  • You’re receiving little to no organic search traffic
  • When searching for your services on Google, you can’t find your business.
  • You wish for better performance for your Google Ads campaigns.

Remember that efforts must always be consistent to get the best results from SEO. Search engine optimization isn’t a one-time event. Instead, it must be an ongoing process as Google keeps updating its algorithm to provide its users with the results that best answer their search query. 

Cross-Selling SEO Strategies

As you can see, SEO can benefit your client’s business’s overall digital marketing strategy, whether service-based or an online store. And, for them to reap the benefits of working with your agency, you must know some selling strategies that’ll help achieve this. 

Your agency can also benefit from multiple cross-selling benefits, such as building customer loyalty, strengthening customer relationships, getting referrals, and increasing revenue.

SEO cross-selling benefits

Follow these sales strategies when cross-selling SEO to your clients:

Consider Your Clients with Current Google Ads Campaigns

As mentioned above, PPC and SEO create a powerful combination for your online marketing strategy. When a business has both services for digital efforts, it can obtain short and long-term results. 

Not only that, but having both strategies can also help your client dominate SERP presence, as their website will be appearing on both paid and organic results. 

SEO helps lower bidding costs on your PPC campaigns as Google prefers to show websites that provide users a positive user experience (acquired through SEO optimizations.) 

Know Your Customer’s Business Industry

Recognizing the industry of your client’s industry is essential to understanding which SEO management type will benefit them most. 

For instance, if you’re looking for an SEO strategy for real estate sites, local SEO techniques can help achieve the best results. 

A Guide to Improve Local SEO with Google My Business

On the other hand, if the client has an online store site, then a profitable SEO eCommerce strategy would consist of optimizing your crawl budget and expanding to Google Shopping.

Focus on Clients that Are Eager to Grow Online

Last but not least, you can be sure that your best clients to cross-sell SEO services are those who invest in innovation and step it up in a strategy to outdo the competition. 

Businesses constantly looking to increase their visibility, awareness, and traffic are often the ones most interested in an omnichannel strategy. Therefore, they’re more likely to purchase services that complement and enhance their current strategy. 

It’s Time to Ramp Up Your Clients’ Online Strategy

Now that you know the basics of cross-selling SEO, it’s time for you to start implementing these strategies.

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