4 Steps to Take Your PPC Sales Enablement Strategy to New Extremes

Chelsey Fox

2 years ago



Without new sales, your company would fall flat. You need your sales team to turn prospects into leads and clients. You should be doing more than praying your company’s sales team closes leads. Hiring the right people isn’t enough. The workflow to establish in your sales process relies on a robust PPC sales enablement strategy.

Components of PPC Sales Enablement Strategy

Industry giant HubSpot tells us that a sales enablement strategy is your business’s approach to provide your sales team with the resources they need to sell effectively. It’s as simple as that! Not everyone has the same strategy; a well-built ppc sales enablement strategy should be custom to your team’s needs. This way, they can target your audience, wow them, and close more deals.

components of ppc sales enablement

If you provide your sales team with the right resources they need to convert leads, they’ll do their job better than ever before. These resources could be content, tools, knowledge, and information to sell your product or service to customers effectively. Their job is easier, your clients are more impressed, and your company has additional revenue coming in. Everyone is happier when there is the right strategy and tools in place!

Build a Sales Enablement Strategy For Sales Team Success

The right sales enablement strategy means your sales team can close more deals and drive revenue for your business. The question is, how can you do it? What do you need to do to give them everything necessary for short- and long-term success?

You can begin by following these steps:

Step #1 Review Your Current Sales Process

Before you know where you can improve, it’s essential to identify where you currently struggle. Taking a look at past data and analytics is vital for this step. 

For example, if the sales team books a significant amount of demos every month but few results in a new client, your company should investigate what is said and done during these sales calls. We encourage you to discover areas where your team could improve sales performance based on metrics and reports, not thoughts and feelings. 

sales process

Step #2 Organize Your PPC Sales Collateral

Hopefully, you’re able not just to tell prospects what you can do for them but show them. From customer case studies to whitepapers, these are just a scratch on the surface of what you need in terms of PPC sales collateral to walk the talk; you need to establish and organize a ppc sales collateral library. Case studies are the most critical content in a sales team’s pocket because nothing speaks as powerfully as another business success! We encourage you to have these items and keep them all in the same place, like a portal or drive, so they can be found and shared quickly.

PPC Sales Enablement Tool - Partner Testimonial

Outdated Collateral isn’t good enough. We know how much has changed in the past two years, and content relevant to your potential client may be useless today. That’s why keeping a ppc sales collateral library up to date is essential to enable your sales team to succeed.

Step #3 Focus on the Proposal

Your proposal is the first step toward closing a sale. Let’s say your digital marketing agency is trying to bring on more PPC clients. A PPC proposal is a document used by an agency like yours where the sales team aims to persuade the prospective client to sign a contract to purchase its service. It outlines what your business does and exactly what solution you propose to the client to help them meet their end goals.

Ensure you have all the tools to optimize every pitch and shorten the entire sales process. Your PPC proposal should be thorough enough to present all of the vital information a prospect needs. It means defining what exactly you are going to do for them. Your team needs to produce a PPC sales pitch that addresses your clients’ pain points, highlights your abilities, and provides a foundation for your strategies. It should include search volume, keywords, competitor information, and more.

All-in-One PPC Marketing Platform for Sales Enablement

Step #4 The Power of PPC Sales Enablement Software

It’s all about empowering your sales team! When you provide them with the right resources, materials, and tools, they will be much more likely to effectively and efficiently sell. You want your sales team to work smarter, not harder. The right software allows your team to manage all their materials and content from a central location. 

PPC Sales Enablement Made Simple Through Compass

White Shark Media’s Compass is part of a complete PPC sales enablement platform. Our proposal service is just one of the many features of Compass that can help grow your agency. We also offer a collateral library with case studies, whitepapers, vertical trends, pitch decks, one-pagers, and videos- all white-labeled to showcase your company’s PPC services. We also offer one-on-one sales consultations to help bring your sales team across the finish line. All of these elements together form a powerful sales enablement package that can help you optimize your processes and grow your agency.

What are you waiting for? Your sales team needs you to provide them with the right resources and tools to give the business what they need in return- more clients. When you do your part, they can do theirs!