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Your Go-to Checklist of Things to Look for in Sales and Marketing Consulting

Chelsey Fox

2 years ago



You have a good sales team; this much is true. Wouldn’t it be better to have a great sales team, perhaps even an outstanding one? Well, it’s possible, and you don’t even need to hire anyone new to make it happen.

Our Hiring Philosophy & Shark DNA

To help your sales team improve, ensuring they have the right tools and knowledge at their disposal will support them to be at their best, also known as sales enablement. A proper sales enablement strategy includes everything sellers need to increase their number of sales conversations and improve their win rates. Sales and marketing consulting rely on access to sales collateral, a proposal, and beyond to make digital marketing agencies successful.

5 Things to Look For in Sales and Marketing Consulting

Think of partnering with a digital marketing agency for your sales team. Just like you wouldn’t hire a famous writer to be someone’s math tutor before hiring sales and marketing consulting, you must make sure it’s the right fit. You want to understand how to find the right company that works best and pairs well with your digital marketing agency. You can do so by looking for the following:

1. They Understand What You’re Selling

The best SaaS company in the world isn’t going to help you sell PPC. Why? Because it’s a different product! The right fit for your team isn’t necessarily a sales consultant who’s logged the most hours leading sales team training or selling something in a different vertical, but rather the one who has taken the time to absorb and understand your product offering. More than likely, this will be a professional who has worked on PPC themself, in the field, or at the very least has sold packages for a digital marketing agency that provides this service.

2. They Have a Strong Track Record of Success

This sales and marketing consulting company should listen and determine your needs, why they are essential, and how they impact your organization. Once you tell them what you’re looking for, they should quickly connect these needs with what they’ve done for past clients. They should then show use case studies and other specific programs or methodologies from similar clients to craft a customized solution for you. In a way, hiring a consulting company is like hiring an employee. Check their references!

3. They Can Customize to Your Needs

What they have done for others in the past is one thing. What can they do for you specifically? Often, a digital marketing agency’s struggles stem from using generic processes and a one-size-fits-all training curriculum that won’t mean it is for your team while ideal for some teams. What works for enterprise sales teams at a significant corporation probably won’t be nearly as successful for mid-market sales teams or small business agencies with limited resources.

sales and marketing consulting

4. They Bring a Fresh Perspective

You don’t want to pay someone to tell you what you already know! This isn’t a wise use of your time or funds. This company should lend fresh eyes to your team’s challenges and apply insight and wisdom from working with other companies. What’s the point if they’re telling you strategies and tips you already know?

5. They Are Excellent Communicators

The best ideas and training won’t help your team if they aren’t able to grasp what a consultant is trying to say. Communication skills often play a significant role in how successful an engagement with a sales and marketing consulting company is. Without the ability to adequately explain and clarify what changes need to take place within your team, you cannot make the necessary adjustments and cannot improve. One of the most important things to look for when shopping around for a consultancy is basic communication skills from their industry experts.

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