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The Best Five Ways to Select Keywords for your AdWords Campaigns – Shark Bite [Video]

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9 years ago



Keywords are basically the foundation of any successful AdWords Campaign. You can create a remarkable ad copy, but if you fail to reach the right audience, your efforts will be worthless.

Keep in mind that your end goal should be to get relevant clicks, not just traffic. Because of this, you should choose your keywords wisely.

In this Shark Bite, Andrew gives you the best advice on finding the most successful keywords for your AdWords campaigns. Sit back and enjoy it!

The Best Five Ways to Select Keywords for your AdWords Campaigns

Thanks for watching, we hope you found these tips useful. See you at the next Shark Bite!

Video Transcription

Did you know that keywords are basically the foundation of any successful Google Ads campaign?

Hi, everybody. My name is Andrew Lolk and today we’ll be talking about five ways to find keywords for your next AdWords campaign.

Aim for Relevant Clicks

My first tip is quite simple, and it’s about understanding a little bit more about what AdWords is all about. And Google AdWords is about getting relevant clicks, not just any click out there.

With this thought in mind, it’s important that you find keywords that are closely related to your business and that can get you relevant clicks. Don’t get caught up in just trying to get clicks and traffic just for the sake of getting traffic.

An example of a broad keyboard is, for instance, if you’re using the word computer and you have a computer repair service then you’re not really getting the right users to click on your ad if they just search for the word computer. They’re not necessarily looking for repairs.

Find a Balance

My second tip goes hand in hand with my first tip and, I guess, it’s about this whole thing about extremes. You don’t want to be too broad, but you also don’t want to be too specific. I typically see advertisers fall into the trap of having way too specific keywords.

An example of a too specific keyword is a cheap rope for horseback riding. The problem with this approach is that you would need to have thousands and thousands of keywords and that’s not necessarily a problem to create but when you have to manage and optimize it, it becomes a big hassle.

Take Match Types into Account

A third way to choose your best keywords is by not just choosing keywords but also the match type that you put that keyword in. In my experience, it’s best, to begin with, a broad match modifier and exact match.

As your account matures and you get more data and you figure out exactly how everything is working then you can start utilizing the other match types. But to begin with, just start with the exact match and broad match modifier.

Use Keyword Modifiers

My fourth tip is that you use keyword modifiers. A keyword modifier can usually be thought of as an adjective like online, cheap, buy, whatever word it is that fits with your main keyword. The idea here is that you make the search more specific or the keyword more specific so that the ad you present can be exactly what your searchers are looking for.

Bid for Your Brand

My fifth and last tip is that you always bid for a brand name. The truth is that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and the cost of using your brand name.

The cost that’s associated with your brand name never ever exceeds 0.1 to 1% of your total cost and it’s not really a big deal and what you can do is you can typically get much more out of your brand name if you choose the right ad that links to the right page on the website.

The last thing I wanna say about brand names is also it’s an insurance against competitors who one day, and I assure you this, they will start bidding for your brand name.

Do you have any tips on choosing keywords or on conducting keyword research? If so, share them on our blog and share them with the rest of our readers. Otherwise, see you next time.

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