The Future of SEO in 2022: Top Do’s and Don’ts for white-label agencies

Cinthya Diaz

3 years ago



In 2021, SEO proved to be a critical part of digital marketing strategies. Organic traffic accounts for 20.6% of Google’s total traffic generation. However, most of this traffic stays in the top positions of the SERPs. You must optimize the website to be relevant enough to deserve those positions to make the most of organic searches.

If your agency already offers PPC services, this new year is the time to work on SEO so it can complement your efforts, boost search engine visibility, collect more insights of the keywords, and increase conversions.

If you are new to SEO, you might want to outsource these services to a white-label agency with experience in this field.

In the meantime, here is a list of things we recommend to get your agency ready for 2022.

Top Trends an SEO White-Label Agency Must Follow

Invest SEO Efforts into Featured Snippets to Improve CTR

First, what are the featured snippets? These are short answers that appear at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These are quick responses intended to answer people’s queries. In fact, they are often considered position “#0” because they’re even before the top-ranked sites.

According to SEL, these featured snippets get 8.6% of CTR. Therefore, if your white-label agency optimizes your content is featured in these opportune snippets, your client can see a boost in CTR.

Google Featured snippet

Manual Internal Linking

Internal links are all the hyperlinks present on your client’s landing pages that link to other URLs on the same website. These are helpful for search engines but also improve the user experience. These links are essential to inform robots and people of the structure of the site’s content.

How will this help to improve the rankings? When an SEO specialist indicates to the search engines how the different pages are linked (from different levels) towards topic clusters, engines will know how to read the content when a user enters a query. This practice increases the chances that the robots find your relevant content and position it first. One essential “do” for your agency is to manually do this to ensure they are using the proper anchor texts.

Fix Page Speed Issues for a Better Visibility

The page speed proved to be a vital component of healthy SEO strategies during 2021 and continues to be in 2022. A slow page speed will ultimately be a bad user experience. The longer a site takes to load the information or interact with the page, the higher the bounce rate and the lower the average time spent on the page. These engagement metrics are elements reviewed by search engines in selecting “top” websites. These platforms won’t vouch for or want to show users websites that don’t deliver quality experiences.

To spot the website’s issues on page speed, use Google’s page speed insights. After a few minutes, you’ll know how to improve the speed for both mobile and desktop.

Google Page Speed Insights Screen

Common SEO Practices that White-Label Digital Marketing Agency Have to Avoid

Put All the Keywords in One Page: An Absolute No

Some specialists encourage clients to push a lot of keywords on a single landing page. However, this can negatively affect your ranking if a clear keyword strategy isn’t in place.

What to do instead? It’s better to use specific main and supporting keywords for each page that complement the topic. If it corresponds to the existing content, it will satisfy readers (and search engines). Furthermore, this will prevent your pages from competing against each other and make it easier for search engines to understand what each page offers.

Another Keywords’ Red Flag: Low Search Volume

Low search volume keywords with low difficulty might be tempting to use when researching, but they also have a little search traffic. Some agencies sell using these keywords because it would be easier to show good rankings to the clients. However, these search queries aren’t common enough to be considered relevant keywords to potential customers.

Any good digital marketing agency looks for the balance between (medium-tail or long-tail) keywords that have enough monthly search volume and that the keyword difficulty is not too high. That way, the keywords offer increased exposure and clicks to the website. For keyword research, we recommend tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs, which can show this information and specify according to the different countries.

Ahref tool for SEO

Spammy Backlinks Will Hurt Your Rankings

SEO strategists love backlinks since they bring value from third-party websites to clients. However, not all backlinks are created equal. There are some links your agency should avoid association. Evaluate links before adding them to ensure that they will not hurt the website’s standing.

Spammy backlinks happen when the website with a hyperlink to the client’s site has spammy content or uses black-hat tactics. Their “bad reputation” is also affecting the client’s website’s reputation. Nevertheless, quantity is relevant. A few spammy backlinks won’t hurt the site, but a significant percentage of the backlinks can be penalized by search engines.

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind When Choosing an SEO agency in 2022

Now that you know the best practices and mistakes to avoid in SEO for next year, you have the tools to choose an SEO white-labeled agency wisely. Some other factors that you take into consideration are:

  • Positive reviews from clients (direct ones and agencies).
  • Knowledge of SEO strategies and algorithm updates.
  • Understanding of the intent of different audiences.
  • The reputation of the SEO tools they use.
  • Case studies with a proven track of positive results.
  • Look for a company that communicates effectively.

Final Thoughts

In summary, SEO efforts are a must for any agency to offer the best digital strategies to businesses in 2022. Search engine optimization strategies constantly evolve and require specialists to stay on top of the most recent updates and tactics. When outsourcing these services, you must determine if your marketing supplier follows these dos and don’ts.

At White Shark Media, we offer a white-labeled program in which your agency can provide the best SEO consulting packages to end clients.