Types of SEO Management Your Agency Should Be Offering

Lauren Lawson

3 years ago



SEO management is a growing market, and people today, especially with the repercussions of a pandemic, have really started to understand its value.

Offering SEO services is even more challenging for agencies because clients have specific SEO needs that often go unfulfilled by one agency alone. You must establish what type of SEO you can offer and be selective with clients you onboard.

Types of SEO Management

The types of SEO management you can offer are many and various. Depending on the SEO techniques used, you may be facing more management challenges than others, but that also means they can command a higher retail price value.

Content SEO

Quality content is how you engage, inform, support, and delight audiences. Creating valuable content is critical for search engine visibility.

SEO content marketing consists of keyword strategy, site structure, and copywriting to support clients’ web pages and help them rank higher in the search engines. This type of SEO is essential because search engines index all these web pages and judge the quality of content they contain to determine how they should rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Most Efficient Content Marketing Teams

Pro-Tip: Executing quality SEO content involves focusing on the right keywords and structure so that search engines understand it. If you don’t produce effective content, then l Google or other search engines won’t have a reason to re-examine your website.

Local SEO

If your client has a brick and mortar business that does most of its business through a physical storefront, such as dentists, plumbers, flower shops, and restaurants, these businesses highly benefit from Local SEO services.

The main objective of local SEO management is to optimize local rankings to ensure that local customers can find the business and that those customers are qualified leads.

According to Social Media Today, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. This just makes local SEO management even more imperative for local businesses, since it ensures the business’s information is as accurate, complete, and as optimized as possible.

Ecommerce SEO

Online retailers, also known as e-commerce stores, greatly benefit from e-commerce SEO because these companies need to make sure their products are visible in the SERPs.

SEO management for e-commerce involves optimizing product headlines, descriptions, metadata, and more. Optimization efforts aim to rank products as high as possible on search and shopping pages to gain more traffic.

When done right, ecommerce optimization strategies will help your pages provide the best solutions to a buyer’s search intent. Improved rankings often translate to increases in website traffic, brand awareness, and, best of all, enhanced conversion rates.

Link building

Link building plays an important role in SEO because it helps drive organic traffic. It entails acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your client’s website and is an effective way to build relationships, send referral traffic, and build a brand.

  • Internal links are links between the pages within a website.
  • Inbound links are links that come from other websites or a different domain name.
  • Outbound links are on your website and link out to websites with a different domain name.

More benefits of link building:

  • Gives businesses credibility
  • Increases web traffic, visibility, and exposure
  • Improves site metrics, lowers bounce rates, increases sales

Search engines use links to:

  • Discover new web pages
  • Help determine page ranking in the SERPs

SEO Link Buiding

Qualifying Your Prospects For SEO Management

Knowing which prospects are most suitable for your SEO services is crucial for the efficiency of your agency. You want to ensure you are onboarding clients that will stick around for the time it takes to deliver SEO results.

Use this checklist to perform a preliminary screening of prospects for SEO management:

  • Establish realistic goals for their business
  • Are they committed to the minimum time required to obtain optimal results?
  • Discover their past marketing experiences with SEO
  • What was the cost of their previous SEO efforts?
  • Do they know their direct competitors?
  • How much business are they currently getting per month on average?
  • Find out if they are the sole decision-maker

Recommendations for generating qualified SEO leads:

  • Establish a solid value proposition for SEO management
  • Make sure you’re rocking out on your content like a pro
  • Add live chat to your website if you haven’t already

Ready to Start Offering SEO?

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in SEO. You must become acquainted with the basics in order to effectively qualify your prospects for SEO management and set the tone and outcome of the partnership with the client.

Establishing what types of SEO your agency can offer with the resources you have at hand and your current outsourcing options will influence your success and scalability. Consult with us about our white label options and tools and resources that can help you streamline your SEO management.