There’s More Than Meets The Eye When It Comes To SEO Strategy Part 1

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



There’s still time to get your SEO strategy ready before the year kicks off. This year will be a big one for content marketing and organic search.

Studies show that 2021 saw 4.66 billion people online. Yep, that’s well over half of the world’s population.

Experts expect numbers to continue. So, if you haven’t adjusted your SEO and content strategy for a busy year, it’s time to get started.

We’ve put together a 3-post series to help iron out your doubts. Let’s start with why a solid SEO strategy will matter in 2022 and what practices you’ll want to add to your plans.

Why Should I Care About SEO?

We’ve all experienced search results so accurate it’s almost scary. Scratch out almost because it’s definitely unsettling. It’s scary until we realize that our agency or business can benefit from it to better serve audiences.

AI-powered search engines do a pretty good job anticipating our preferences.

SEO Search On SERP Page

However, SEO isn’t a feature that we can just activate. To leverage it, advertisers must optimize their websites.

SEO matters (and has for quite some time) because without it you’re invisible to search engines. Without practicing SEO, search engines can’t review the content of your website. PPC helps, but without them, potential customers will struggle to find you on Google.

Aside from making your brand searchable, SEO offers numerous benefits to your brand. Let’s review some below:

Increase Traffic to Your Site

TG is an authentic Mexican food catering company in California. A client since 2015, they aimed to increase organic traffic through local searches.

Local SEO Case Study

Let’s look at the approach some of our strategists took to contribute towards relevant traffic to the site :

  • Creation of separate landing pages. This task offered space for content development and keyword inclusion.
  • Monthly blogs with special events promos jumpstart awareness and communicate ongoing activity.
  • Onsite optimization (URLs and web page speed) to win search engine favorability
  • Backlinks focused on local listings to gain credibility.

Each point above works towards supporting an SEO strategy and improving the user experience. As a result, we saw:

Users increased by


Bounce rate decreased by


Web sessions increased


Think about your last search on Google; you trust that the first results are the most relevant ones. There is credibility in placements. Traffic is to SEO what location is to real estate. That’s why SEO plays an instrumental role in increasing traffic. A good location makes an easy sale.

Improve Your User Experience

Search engines value the quality of user experiences. They aim to maintain a standard with their users.

Why? Because a good experience means:

  • Visitors stay longer
  • Increases probability of a sale
  • Improves SERP ranking resulting in more qualified customer leads

Better experiences mean better results. The good news is that SEO strategy and best practices are also beneficial for building websites. Your efforts will be fruitful many times over.

Increase Your Sales

The be-all and end-all of your marketing efforts are to sell more. With a solid SEO strategy you can increase sales without pushing marketing costs over the edge. Aside from the ability to expand your reach, it also offers a better understanding of the market.

How? Users reveal customer behavior and tendencies as they perform search queries and provide data to supplement ideas on how to leverage these keyword trends for long-term benefits.

Pro-Tip: When your keywords rank well, you increase the likelihood of maintaining a good rank over time. This standing will result in continuous returns on your initial strategy.

2022 SEO Strategy For Keywords

Complement Your Online Marketing Efforts

As the online world gets more crowded, you’ll want to find a more innovative way to reach them. A robust SEO strategy cultivates your relationship with current and potential clients.

We’re always eager to explain how SEO efforts fortify PPC campaigns.

Coupling SEO with PPC (SEM) come together to:

  • Share keyword data and test organic keywords in your PPC campaigns
  • Integrate your best-performing keyword data into your SEO content strategy
  • Improve your loading speed and improve other metrics (ex., Quality Score)

Stay Tuned For Part 2

This first post paints a clearer picture of how an SEO strategy improves overall performance. You want to rank higher on search engines to increase site traffic and qualified visitors. Stay tuned for the second part of our three-post series on how to do that with best practices and strategy from our experts.