Boost Your Business with Facebook Ads

Tania Quijano

3 years ago



Facebook Ads for Your Business

Have you tried “boosting posts” on Facebook to increase engagement, sales, or traffic without achieving results? You’re not alone.

On the other hand, have you seen the benefits of Facebook Ads? If not, now may be the right time to check them out.

Read on to discover how Business Manager works and how to leverage its features to reach your goals.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Every day, billions of people are active on Facebook, spending an average of 50 minutes on the social media platform.

Social networks drive more than 30% of website visits, which means there is an opportunity here that businesses can’t miss.

Facebook Ads allow you to target people based on their interests, locations, age, genders, job titles, behavior, and more. In other cases, Facebook can create lookalike audience lists that are based on an existing customer base, or users who engage with your Facebook page, or profiles who visit your website.

Can you imagine how many people you can reach using these settings?

A targeted ad on Facebook increases your chances of reaching an even larger audience. You simply have to create your campaigns and tailor them to meet specific objectives or goals:

Facebook Ads Create New Campaign

Awareness: Awareness focuses on the consumer’s ability to recognize your product and generates intrigue and interest in your brand and offering. It is the beginning of a conversation where brands communicate their value and benefits.

Consideration: At this point, consumers movetoward taking action as you encourage them to seek more information about the opportunity. Invite users to visit your website to learn more about a specific product. These “nudges” can increase your traffic coming from social media or help you get more followers or leads.

Conversions: This objective is all about guiding people interested in your business to the next step: to buy or use your product or service. Select the type of conversion to track the purchases, activity on contact forms, or registrations.

Begin by focusing on building awareness and community. This will help you begin to acquire new customers and start conversations. Your campaign goals will change as your business grows of course, and later you can encourage actions that strengthen your rapport or lead to a sale.

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Placements for Your Ads

Ads Manager allocates ad placements depending on how users experience them across platforms. Ads can run on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger.

Where ads are displayed depends on your objective:

  • Feeds: Ads appear in a user’s inbox, desktop, and mobile feed
  • Stories: This full-screen vertical ad is featured in a user’s Facebook Stories
  • In-Stream: Ads appear before, during, or after videos
  • Search: Ads are shown next to relevant Facebook and Marketplace search results
  • Messages: Ads are displayed as messages to people who have an existing conversation with you in Messenger
  • In-Article: Ads appear in Instant Articles within the Facebook mobile app
  • Apps: Ads are displayed in external apps

There are two types of placements. The first is “automatic placements,” the default recommendation. These placements allow Facebook’s delivery system to make the most of your budget.

The second option is “manual placements.” Choose a particular placement or different creatives (images or videos) to be featured on the platform.

Are you starting a new campaign? Select “automatic placements” to compare and evaluate performance across ads. Once you have gathered data, switch to manual placements based on those performance metrics.

A/B Testing and Creatives

Testing creatives is extremely important to improve the quality of your ads. The Facebook Manager allows you to compare two or more different ads to qualify ad copy or creatives performance (images, format).

It’s critical to take advantage of all available formats to determine which ones effectively engage your audience. Varying formats can be carousels, instant experience, or collections with different products.

For videos, if people watch more than 6 seconds, it will register as a “video view.” If viewers watch 15 seconds or above, you are on a different level of Facebook video marketing.

It’s essential to regularly perform A/B tests on your ads to make sure you’re getting the best results possible. These evaluations will provide valuable data about what creatives work best for each of your target demographics.

Reach a Wide Target Audience

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in terms of active users. Every business with an online presence needs to be active on this platform, too, and must have a strategy that fits your goals.

Again, brand awareness means people remember your brand when they need the product or service you offer. Elements that contribute to brand awareness are:

  • Memorable visuals
  • Sharing content quickly
  • Cheaper ads (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Connecting with people in real-time

Social media advertising is an effective way to reach consumers based on interests, job titles, ages, locations, and user behavior on social networks. That’s why you need to find and connect with an audience based on the data you’re getting.

Improving and optimizing your Facebook advertising strategy should always be a part of your plan to engage and quickly discover new leads.


Are you considering Facebook Ads for your business? Leverage all the formats and features available for your business by speaking to our experts.