Become an Expert at Cross-Selling Social Media to Your Clients

Tania Quijano

2 years ago



Optimizing a client’s marketing strategy requires rethinking which additional channels can target audiences and cater to online behavior by creating and promoting the right content at the right time while growing businesses.

If you haven’t added marketing strategy expansion through cross-selling social media to the agenda for your next call with your client, it’s time to start.

Existing Clients Are Your Best Bet

Did you know?

The probability of:

Selling to an existing client is between 60% and 70%
Selling a new customer is only between 5% to 20%.

You can forget past clients: the best opportunities are the leads you’ve created. Investing time in cross-selling will let you increase your customer’s lifetime value and, most importantly, revenue.

The Concept of Cross-Selling

When you cross-sell, you sell an additional product or service online related to what’s being bought already by an existing customer. 

cross-selling concept

We’ll share techniques and best practices you can use to entice customers to make additional decisions by including social media advertising in their digital marketing efforts.

Why Social Media Is the Perfect Match

Think about a client with Google Ads and SEO; the next step is placing social media ads into the mix. While overwhelming, thinking about how to expand the services you offer is essential!

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks already present value through various campaign types. Social Media Ads play an essential role in your clients’ advertising plan because they give an extra avenue to promote their business and help them increase brand awareness around different online sources to reach an additional stream of potential clients.

Cross-Selling Strategies

Your cross-selling strategy will be successful if you structure your offer based on the buyer’s journey. It must be consistent with what the customer is looking for: 

  • Are they planning to expand? 
  • Do they count on the budget to try social media ads? 
  • Are they willing to expand to other online sources? 

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Understanding your customer is critical; not only does it make it easier to sell an additional service than make the first sale, but it also helps you grow faster.

cross-selling strategy

Get To Know Your Customers

Important towards building stronger rapport. Knowing your customers and their needs means you’ll be able to offer the service they need. In this case, you can talk about the numerous benefits they could receive when implementing a social media strategy and the different campaign objectives that will help them achieve their goals.

cross-selling strategy

Something to keep in mind is to analyze the audience you’ll be targeting and understand their goal in marketing expansion. This will help you know what type of campaign could work for them.

Identify Happy Customers

Ensure your customers are satisfied with the service they currently have. NEVER try to upsell or cross-sell strategies to dissatisfied, or frustrated customers. The easiest way to identify them is simply by talking to them, and ask them about how they feel about your service and how they see their partnership with you in the future; in other words, make them feel you’re part of their team and that you care about their business too. 

To help you with this, let’s think about some questions:

  • Has the client been with you for over 6 months, perhaps a year? 
  • Are you engaging your clients with a monthly report?
  • Have you built rapport when communicating with the client?
  • Does the client trust your strategies, ideas, and decisions?

If the answer is “yes, ” you have a great candidate to cross-sell social media advertising to.

Focus on the Benefits the Customer Will Receive 

Here you can always highlight the fact of how much impact social media has nowadays. 

  • Larger audiences: Reach larger audiences through Facebook and Instagram. Every business owner has an opportunity to reach a variety of audiences that could be interested in their producats or services.
  • Increase visibility: Engaging content gets shared if they have a social media profile that shares content, and the more they share, the more people will engage.
  • Ad formats: Options available to present products or services such as carousels, single images, videos, catalogs, and collections. Based on the strategy testing them all and finding which one performs better for them is a good way to to go.
  • Engage brand awareness, traffic, or sales: Depending on their goal, different types of campaigns that will help them increase followers and brand awareness, can drive new users to their website, and complete a purchases or sign-ups.

social media advertising channels

Identify Trends and Add Them to Your Sales Pitch

Experience applied to strategies from proper research, and trend analysis is key to performance with clients. Once you have successfully sold several customers, you’ll get a clear idea of which types of customers benefit most from social media services to complement their strategies. Thus it will be easier for you to offer it.

No Need to Be Pushy

Don’t be. Even if you’re desperate to sell, don’t act like it. If the client doesn’t want to take on an additional service, let it go and give them time to digest your recent cross-sell proposal. If they didn’t see the value in the first pitch, it could be because they simply are not ready!

benefits of cross-selling

The Art of Cross-Selling

Social media advertising creates many opportunities for every business to reach new leads. It’s a great way to connect with new audiences and help them get familiar with your company. 

Cross-selling involves identifying related services and creating relevant offers while applying efficient approaches. The goal is to make revenue for the company while creating satisfied customers. With these tips, you should be able to convert many one-time buyers into lifelong customers. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep on trend with the latest digital marketing efforts.