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3 New, Free Tools to Better Manage PPC

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago




Summer is hot and exciting. It’s a time to be out and about, for upgrades and innovation. That’s why we kicked off the sunny season by announcing the release of 3 new technology tools specially designed to help agencies, franchises, and users understand and better manage PPC services. We were delighted to celebrate the launch of our tools alongside our Google partners, who accompanied us at White Shark Media headquarters in Nicaragua on Thursday, June 27th. 

The increased access to technology, information, and brand engagement produces an insurmountable amount of touchpoints and moments of intent. After 10 years in the PPC industry and 50k+ campaigns managed, we understand that campaigns generate too much data for humans to process. This is why automated tools are essential to providing high-quality analysis and optimizations to PPC management services.



In a continual effort to contribute to the PPC industry and educate businesses, our must-have software created by marketers for marketers are now available for (free!) use.

  • AdInsights by White Shark Media: This will help you obtain a clear path to optimize your PPC campaign, knowing exactly what you are doing wrong, or not doing at all. 
  • Optimizer by White Shark Media: This provides up-to-date instructions backed by experts. Identifies exactly what actions need to be taken on your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads accounts, with a clear optimization goal in mind.
  • Academy by White Shark Media: This tool will help you master PPC through guided courses on over 50 Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising topics.

Each of these tools uses machine learning technology to draw out insights that may be overlooked by someone who is not familiar with PPC. Crafted to support WSM’s commitment to create a better experience for clients—and help move a step closer to simplifying PPC management. Clients will be able to catch up to the ever-evolving PPC conversation. 

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