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MarTech: Your Agency’s Foundation to Streamlining

Lauren Lawson

4 years ago



In the world of digital marketing, there is an area of investment that, without a doubt, is what makes your agency tick without skipping a beat and ensures that it boosts your marketing efforts every chance it gets as a permanent milestone for business growth.

Of course, every investment is not as black and white as you would like it to be. Spotting the perfect fit for it to intricately fall in line with your agency’s business model standards and needs at times can be very tricky. This is why you should not settle for a one-size-fits-all solution and be more open to something that can also support what your company should be leveraging.

How Is Marketing Technology Changing the PPC Industry?

Where Do I Sign Up for MarTech?

It is a little more complicated than just signing up. MarTech is not software in itself, as it may come to the top of mind if you are not familiar with the term. MarTech means “Marketing Technology,” and it is the marketing services, platforms, software, and tools used to help plan, execute, and measure marketing efforts. Drilling down a bit into its popular branching term is “MarTech stack,” specific suites designed to tackle marketing processes.

MarTech’s landscape layout is segmented into six areas:

  • Advertising and Promotion – Mobile marketing, display and programmatic, search and social, native/content, video, PR, and print.
    Our Picks: Google Ads,  Microsoft Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Wistia, Vimeo, AdRoll, Marchex, Yahoo!, Kenshoo, Hootsuite, iSpionage

Advertising and Promotion MarTech Tools

  • Content and Experience – Mobile apps, interactive, video, email and content marketing, optimization personalization and testing, DAM (digital asset management) and MRM(marketing resources management), SEO (search engine optimization), marketing automation & campaign/lead management, and CMS (content management systems) and web experience management. Our Picks: Google, Microsoft, YouTube, WordPress, Joomla,  Adobe, Grammarly, MailChimp, ZenDesk, Zoho, HubSpot, Pardot, Ninja Cat, SpyFu, Ubersuggest

Content and Experience MarTech Tools

  • Social and Relationships – Call analytics and management, ABM (account-based marketing), events, meetings and webinars, social media and monitoring, advocacy, loyalty & referrals, influencers, community and reviews, conversational and chat, customer experience, service and success, CRM (customer relationship management). Our Picks: LinkedIn, Call Tracking Metrics, Marchex, Salesforce, Trust Pilot, Zoho, Happy Fox, Zendesk, Zoom

Social and Relationships MarTech Tools

  • Commerce and Sales – Retail, proximity, and IoT (internet of things) marketing, channel, partner and local marketing, sales automation, enablement and intelligence, affiliate marketing and management, ecommerce marketing, ecommerce platforms, and carts. Our Picks: Outreach, Shopify, Salesforce, WooCommerce, 2checkout, Feedonomics, Drupal Commerce, White Shark Media’s Compass

Commerce and Sales MarTech Tools

  • Data – Audience/Marketing data and data enhancement, marketing analytics, performance and attribution, mobile and web analytics, dashboards and data visualization, business/customer intelligence and data science, iPaaS (integration platform as a service), cloud/data integration, RPA (robotic process automation) and tag management, DMP (data management platform), Gov, compliance and privacy, customer data platform. Our Picks: Google Analytics, TapClicks, HotJar, Salesforce, NinjaCat, KissMetrics, Moz, Zapier, Acquiro

Data MarTech Tools

  • Management – Talent, product, budgeting and finance, collaboration, projects and workflow, agile and lean, vendor analysis.
    Our Picks: Google GSuite, Salesforce, Dropbox, Atlassian, Trello, Quickbooks, Cisco, Zoom, Skype, Asana

Management MarTech Tools

Marketing Over The Years With MarTech and Where Is It Headed

According to Chief Martec, we’re now up to 7,040 solutions on the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. However, it may look like we have achieved “peak MarTech” if we evaluate 2019 digits to the last few years.

To put MarTech’s growth into perspective for you, since 2011, the MarTech list has reached a staggering 4566.67% growth. That’s a change from 150 to over 7,000 platforms, software, and tools over eight years! No wonder it’s hard to keep up with its evolution, not yet alone be able to research and decide on suitable ones for your business.

MarTech Growth over the past eight years according to

In the 2019 Gartner MarTech Survey, many organizations are leaning toward the best breed solutions over integrated suites, which gives us a pretty good notion of how marketers are investing in marketing technology.

MarTech, Are You Investing Smartly?

So how do you know you’re acquiring the best marketing technology solutions that will benefit your agency?

If you can check off everything on this list, then it’s a great product to consider:

  • Promotes efficiency
  • Cuts costs
  • Supports business goals
  • Boosts competitiveness
  • Fits your business model framework

If you want to reach another level with your MarTech stack, make sure it fulfills your business to attract, educate, match, package, transact, and advocate to get a bang for its buck. You want it to support your agency to competitively strive in providing digital marketing services.

The Takeaway

There is a plethora of marketing tools, software, and platforms out there that benefit your marketing tech stack. You must not lose sight that aligning your marketing tech will help you transition to more measurable channels, giving you the boost from performance-based marketing programs and partnerships you have been longing for.

At White Shark Media, we dedicate to a comprehensive digital marketing approach that umbrellas all aspects of your business model. From tools to sell and learn PPC, content, guidance, and resources to support you in engaging and managing prospects and keeping in mind that our solution is here to help you foster optimal customer experience and business growth.

Book a meeting with a strategic partnership manager or reach out to us via [email protected] if you are interested in using PPC marketing solutions to achieve your business goals or need consultation on your digital marketing tech stack.