AdInsights: The Tool You Need to Pitch Google Solutions Effectively

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White Shark Media recently held a webinar that introduced AdInsights, our automated PPC audit tool. Daniel Alvarado, VP of Technology at White Shark Media, and Jason Klarfled, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, walked guests through the tool as it can help draft the perfect pitch on Google solutions.

A 2019 addition to the White Shark Media tool kit, AdInsights is a PPC audit tool that scans Google and Microsoft Ads accounts and within minutes, retrieves a detailed performance report. Packed with valuable insights and opportunities, reports are generated in an easy-to-read format suitable for users of all levels.                    

Designed for account management and client acquisition, Daniel and Jason explained how AdInsights formulate objectives and flag opportunities before suggesting account optimizations.                                          

As noted by hosts, bidding used to be pretty simple. You chose keywords, specified bids based on the likelihood of that keyword’s conversion, set up your campaign, and let it run.



AdInsights: The tool You Need To Pitch Google Solutions Effectively

However, what was once simple was changed by advancing technologies. Enter mobile devices changed everything! Mobile devices bring more signals to the mix that marketers needed to account such as device type, time and location. Today, we track more signals than ever before. 

Hosts explain how Google solutions can combat some of the complications that surfaced. These changes make targeting customers more complex and how adjusting bids based on each unique combination of signals can create more effective campaigns.

The tool will help users draft the perfect pitch for Google solutions like:

  • Smart Bidding and Non-Last Click Attribution Models
  • Smart Display Campaigns
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns      

Extremely useful, AdInsights can change the way you manage your accounts. Check out the full Webinar and start using AdInsights on your accounts today!

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