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Does Web Hosting Affect Organic Ranking? Our Experience with GreenGeeks

Cinthya Diaz

2 years ago



Disclosure: This website is independently owned and operated. We are a professional review website which receives compensation from the companies whose products and/or services we review. We tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Have you ever wondered, where all website information is stored? Is it on your computer? Your CMS? Well, if you are new to the web hosting world, all the data from websites is managed by a web hosting company. As defined by HP, web hostings provide a secure place to store online content. It includes text, images, icons, gifs, videos, code, etc.

The way web hosting works is that whenever a user accesses your site, the browser connects to the hosting to trigger all the necessary relevant information to show. It also supports maintaining stability and securing all the data stored.

The Influence Of Web Hosting

Here’s where the million-dollar question comes in:

Will my choice of a web hosting provider affect my SEO efforts and organic ranking?

If you are an SEO specialist, marketing manager, or digital agency owner wondering about SEO factors to consider when looking for a web hosting provider, the following points will help you decide:

  • Disadvantages of subscribing to an unqualified web hosting provider.
  • What traits to look for in SEO-friendly web hosting.
  • Our top and proved recommendation for web hosting solutions: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

Can You Hurt Your SEO Strategy Without a Qualified Web Hosting Provider?

Long story short, it totally can.

Even though it might be one of the elements SEO specialists don’t pay much attention to, a bad choice of a web hosting service can damage your website’s ranking in search engines.

How? Some of the main repercussions of an unqualified web hosting providers are poor user experience and server errors.

Let’s go a little more into detail for each:

Poor User Experience

The time it takes for data stored in your hosting to show on your website will depend on your hosting server provider. In consequence, if you hire a low quality provider you’re more likely to end up with a website that is low to load, giving your users a poor web experience or UX.

The slower a page takes to load the more it affects SEO metrics, such as an increase in bounce rate and a shorter average session duration of users.

Technical Errors

A web hosting service that lacks in resources and efficiency for the content of the site will constantly produce server errors and timeouts, which translates into poor ranking under the scrutiny of search engines. This being the case, your organic ranking will begin to drop in position negatively affecting your SEO efforts.

web Host Server Error

Assets a Web Hosting Provider Should Support

Main goals to consider with an SEO strategy to improve organic rankings: speed and security. It is essential that the web hosting provider you subscribe with answers to some principal ranking factors.

Checklist these parameters on what a web hosting provider should offer:


A high-quality hosting option will offer:

website speed assets

As our top recommendation, GreenGeeks exceeds speed expectations with their packages that include:

  • SSD hard drives
  • Litespeed & Mariadb
  • LSCache
  • Free CDN
  • HTTP3
  • PHP 7


One of the core elements that make users trust a website’s content is the security of their personal data. Promoting users a sense of security will give a website credibility for its users and prolong their session on-site. This is correlative with search engines. If a site is not trustworthy, Google will choose other sites for top positions in the SERPs.

To make sure the data is in a safe place it is important where it will be stored (a web hosting provider) is also reliable. GreenGeeks web hosting has proven to ensure confidence that the information of our clients’ websites is safe through:

  • A dedicated computing resources and virtual file system. Confidentiality and safety in file sharing providing complete control over data.
  • Scanning for malware signatures in real-time. With proactive monitoring of critical services, their administrations can identify and contact you regarding risks in security so you can avoid them beforehand.
  • Consistent file back-up for access to previous website versions. GreenGeeks counts with an automated nightly backup for your convenience.

Wordpress Security - Webinar

Reasons Why We Trust GreenGeeks for Web Hosting Services

Our partnership with GreenGeeks not only comes from the assets their web hosting gives us but also their incomparable support.

Trustworthy Support

Sometimes a website may go down and getting the support you need immediately is crucial. Based on our experience, having quick and swift support is what has supported the management of our clients.

A reliable web hosting provider like Green Geeks, should offer:

Environmentally Responsible

Despite what most people think, websites do consume a lot of energy across the globe. That consumption comes from the sources where website data is stored (yes, the web hosting servers).

If you are as environmentally conscious as us, you’ll be glad to read that GreenGeeks is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. They work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This organization helps them calculate their yearly energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Wordpress Security - Webinar

On the other hand, they also work with One Tree Planted and are committed to plant a tree for every new hosting account they acquire.

Web Hosting Services: The Backbone To SEO Strategies

Essential organic ranking factors such as user experience and security affect any SEO strategy. The results and performance of these running factors will highly depend on your choice of a web hosting provider.

Take time to carefully analyze the best options out there. Also consider that hiring a SEO-allied web hosting such as GreenGeeks will ensure efficient web performance, a reliable support team, and an eco-friendly footprint to boost your SEO efforts.