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White Shark Media’s AdInsights Platform: Automated PPC Auditing

Daniel Alvarado

5 years ago



If you are a Digital Agency that offers Pay-per-click services, there are multiple approaches you can take when it comes to acquiring new customers. Over the last 10 years, White Shark Media has tried it all, and the one thing we keep coming back to is a PPC performance audit.

Being able to showcase to prospects exactly what they’re doing wrong (or not doing at all!) on their accounts is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the industry and convey credibility. It’s also easier to prove your worth to prospects when they have a clear idea of the amount of work your team will do for them.

While it sounds perfect, there’s a little caveat – your sales team needs to be fully trained on Google and Bing Ads in order to do these assessments, and usually, the traits of a PPC Guru aren’t the same that you would find on a natural sales member – right?

That’s where an engine that can automate these audits for you and your sales team comes in to play. Just imagine: a handful of valuable insights that are tailored to a prospect’s Google Ads account, without having to spend an hour or two going through tons of ad groups, skimming through search terms, and playing detective on the change history.

And of course, we know that Automated PPC Audits aren’t a revolutionary idea anymore. There are a few different PPC players out there who have their own tools to do them. We’ve used them ourselves, our clients have used them, we know. That being said, we always felt that there was something missing:

  • Competitor’s recommendations were sometimes too broad
  • Competitor’s recommendations were sometimes not actionable
  • Competitor’s recommendations were sometimes black and white assumptions
  • Competitor’s reports would sometimes include filler content to make the reports seem lengthier

6 months ago, a team of skilled developers and myself started working closely with our Learning & Development team to craft our own internal Audit Engine. We wanted to build a platform that would fill in the gaps that we identified across the existing tools, and that would be worth putting our name on.

AdInsights by White Shark Media will allow you as an Agency to scan any Google or Bing Ads account in your portfolio and, within minutes, retrieve a detailed audit that will have any prospect ready to sign the dotted line. More importantly, we’ve designed the platform to be fully White-labeled, so you can include your Agency’s logo, and branding colors on the downloadable report.

Our AdInsights platform is scheduled for a beta release in April 2019, and we’re incredibly excited about it! To start with, we’ll only allow a small number of testers to make sure things are ready for primetime come Q2.

If you think your Agency can benefit from it, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll add you to our list of testers.

AdInsights by White Shark Media is one of the three pillars of our up-and-coming PPC ecosystem aimed to help growing digital agencies throughout different business processes that we know can be challenging such as acquisitions, training, and fulfillment.

Stay tuned for more information on what’s in store from White Shark Media in 2019!


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