The Ultimate Checklist To Improve Your YouTube Channel

Did you know that every minute around 100+ hours of video are uploaded to YouTube? YouTube is the second most popular search the-ultimate-checlistengine, and showcasing your videos there is a good step in your online marketing efforts.

However, what most people are not aware of is that optimizing Youtube videos is not as simple as uploading your video and forgetting about it. In fact, going viral or growing your YouTube engagement can be difficult to achieve if you don’t take some basic steps to optimize your videos. So here’s the checklist to follow to make sure your videos stand out.

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  • Have you planned the content of your videos in advance to make sure it catches and retains the attention of your viewers?

  • Did you use a storyboard or script to help you shoot your video?


Help your audience develop a routine of watching your newest videos.

  • Have you created a posting schedule of all your future videos?

  • Have you stuck to that schedule?

Posting your videos consistently will:

  1. Force you to be more organized and meet the deadlines of shooting and posting your videos.

  2. Help your readers know when to expect your next video, thus increasing your chance of viewership.

  3. Help your rankings on YouTube since its algorithm rewards the consistency of your viewership across all of your videos.

Titles and Tagging

YouTube can’t view and understand videos (yet), so it relies heavily on video titles and tags to index the content. Titles work similarly to Meta titles on regular web pages.

  • Have you added the title of your video?

  • Is your title 50 characters or less? YouTube allows 100 characters in the field, but only 50-60 come up in the search results

  • Have you used relevant keywords in your title?

  • Is your title attention-grabbing, conveys a benefit and entices the curiosity of your potential viewer?

  • Have you added tags that are relevant to the content of your video?

Pro tip: Avoid using irrelevant tags. It will lead your videos to get irrelevant views which in turn will give your videos a high bounce rate.

High-Quality Descriptions

Never underestimate the power of text on a YouTube video.

  • Have you added a description of min. 200 words to your video?

  • Does your description showcase the theme of your video?

  • Did you provide social media links about yourself to the viewer?

  • Have you mentioned other videos that could be relevant to your viewer?


Annotations are a great feature for growing subscriber bases, views to other videos, social shares and more.

  • Have you annotated a link to something you were talking about in the video? For instance, a subscribe button or a good resource.

  • Have you added the annotations on the side of the video? Remember to do this so you don’t take the viewer’s attention away from the video.

Pro tip:  If you have “Previous” and “Next” video buttons you can have them run the length of the video. Subscribe buttons are usually better served in the last 25% of a video since that means the viewer enjoyed the video to make it that far and is more likely to want to view more.

Video Playlists

Playlists work great, specially if you have any web series. Youtube will not necessarily show the next episode of your videos or suggest any of you other videos to your viewer. With a playlist, your next video will autoplay and the chances of increasing your view through rate will increase. It’s also a great way to organize your videos!

  • Have you compiled your videos in a playlist so that a viewer can be directed to another one of your videos after you are done watching?

  • Have you organized your playlists by a topic or category that is in line with the product or service you offer?

Grow Your Engagement

By applying this checklist to your YouTube channel optimizations, you will surely be on the right track towards growing your YouTube engagement and getting your videos noticed. If you want to learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel, I recommend you take a look at this video by our SEO Director Tony Soares.

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