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4 Fundamentals of Successful Web Design – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



When you want to scope out a business for their products or services, what’s the first thing you do? Most likely, your answer is “Google it” and you are not alone.

Your website will probably be the first interaction between your business and your potential customers.

Just like a business model, your website needs to be focused and goal-oriented (besides visually appealing). In this Shark Bite, Bronson shares his expertise on the fundamental anatomy of successful modern web design.

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Video Transcription

Nowadays, websites have become far easier to build. However, the issue does become more complex when you need them to look good, function well, and convert visitors to customers. In order to achieve those objectives, adhere to the following tips.

1) Optimize for Speed

According to Nielsen Norman Group, the average user spends between 10 and 20 seconds on a page, which leaves very little time to capture their attention. A great way to optimize for speed is through the use of icon fonts, a fairly new web design trend that involves using a font made up of icons. Icon fonts are vectors and can, therefore, be easily scaled to any size and resolution without loss infidelity.

2) Incorporate Visual Hierarchy into Your Design

Certain parts of your website are naturally more important than others and you’d like to put the focus on these areas. This avoids users having to guess what to do next. By applying this principle, you can guide the user towards the actions you want them to take. And normally, this begins by focusing on your business objectives and your course to action.

3) Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

The process of eliminating distracting options has to be continuous throughout the design process. The goal is to make navigation so easy, it’s intuitive.

4) Never Stop Testing and Improving Your Design

It can be difficult to draw conclusions when testing sometimes because different audiences respond in different ways to the same change. The only way to ensure that your design is constantly improving and measuring up to what you have in mind is to test and track, refine, and test and track again.

The Modern Website

The modern website is far more than just a pretty face or brochure-ware. It is now a business tool that contributes positively to business growth.

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