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Custom vs. Template: Finding the Right Web Design Approach for Marketing Agencies

Antonella Saravia

2 months ago

Websites are the modern-day equivalent of business cards. But nowadays, providing your title and contact information isn’t enough to get someone to take action, is it?

Websites also allow businesses to share branding, detailed products or services, a value proposition, and working methods. 

Many businesses must understand that it can impact their paid and organic digital marketing strategies. Businesses can enhance user experience through intuitive and user-friendly custom web design for marketing goals. 

Below, we’ve compiled notes by our digital marketing consultants on why it’s worth investing in bespoke web design, why it matters, and how your campaigns will benefit.

Two main issues you’ll address

As your responsive web design service provider, setting you up for success is essential. To achieve success in PPC or SEO, we must also offer support with web design services.

Specialized web design can help you achieve two main objectives:

  • Meeting Google’s standards to ensure good ranking
  • Showing your unique value proposition (also known as UVP) for your products and services 

Content is tricky. You can have a great deal of helpful material, but if you present it in a clouded manner, users can feel discouraged and leave. Often, visitors feel they need help with a site. When the website is hard to navigate, or the content is complex, users need clarification about the business services. If they find the correct information, most users jump off quickly, too.

Research shows users spend just under a minute on a site. In this brief browsing window, a site must convey how it will deliver value to the user. It might sound simple enough, but complex site maps and fluffy sentences get in the way. 

What does web design have to do with PPC?

If you are looking into investing in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, you have probably been focused on learning about ad formats, different types of campaigns, and tracking. 

However, the quality of your website, its functionality, and its content also contribute to the success of your PPC campaigns. Tailored web solutions make a difference.

Your search engine ads direct users to your site. If users are not happy with the site, the search engine will deem this link unhelpful to the user.

What does web design have to do with SEO?

The dynamic is similar to SEO. 

SEO efforts aim to lure more users to your site. When a user performs a search, the search engine matches the user with a site with keywords similar to a user's search and is a credible source to send them to. If there is a constant flux of users jumping off your site because of poor setup, the site will lose credibility with the search engine.

Optimizing your website for search engines will improve its visibility and ranking and attract more traffic.

Three Benefits for Your Business

Great design has additional benefits besides the positive effect it can have on your paid and organic strategies.

  • Increase flexibility and control: You can lean on experts to understand how to create a tailored site that represents your business well and maximizes customer engagement.
  • Brand it: Create a unique website that reflects your brand, is tailored to your industry, and speaks just as you would to your target audiences.
  • Ready for updates: Set a foundation that can be easily updated and maintained anytime, making it a worthwhile business investment.

Custom vs. Template Web Design for Marketing Agencies

Our web design and development services deliver websites with a UX/UI design strategy essential to increasing user engagement, promoting trust, and maximizing conversions for your business.

Based on our experience with clients, we have two separate packages depending on a client’s needs.

Our Custom Website package allows you to build a website from scratch.

image from White Shark Media web design services

Our Library Templates option offers pre-built designs tested per industry, demographics, and performance. 4

pre-built Websites library templates tailored for different industries

Each package includes a team of specialists:

  • Strategic Account Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Content Writer


Websites are essential to your digital marketing efforts. Your ads will drive traffic to your website (or landing page on the site). So, you want to ensure they can quickly find what they are looking for and take action when they arrive. 

Eager to get started? Contact our digital marketing consultants to learn more about getting your custom design.