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The 4 Conventions Behind SEO Friendly Web Design – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

10 years ago



In this Shark Bite, Tony talks about the keys to having SEO friendly web design. He goes over 4 conventions of human interactions with websites that you must have in place to improve your website’s user experience.

In addition, he discusses how having a great color scheme and layout is essential for a website to be appealing and easy to navigate.

Another important aspect of having an SEO friendly website is to make sure that each webpage has a goal in mind and contains the right content to fulfill that goal.

Lastly, he discusses the importance of testing your efforts with Google Analytics or Crazy Egg.

We hope you enjoyed this Shark Bite. If you want to learn more about SEO this way, check out Tony’s Shark Bite about Website Metrics. See you next time!

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