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9 years ago



In this Shark Bite, we bring you the fourth Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) truth small business owners don’t want to hear. In our last Shark Bite, we talked about why Google AdWords is harder than you think. This week, Andrew touches base upon the low quality that is usually seen in small business websites.

Do you think your website is selling your product or service? Your website should be your non-stop salesman, and if your answer to that question is no, you should look into improving it because your website has the power to make or break your success.

You can have the best website builder, but if you have no experience or building websites is simply not your strong suit, you won’t do as great of a job as a professional.

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Do you think your website sells your product or service? Hi there. I’m Andrew Lolk and today I want to introduce you to an absolute truth that might be surprising for you. Your website actually makes or breaks your success with AdWords. That’s right. Your website should be a nonstop salesman and my constant surprise is the fact that all small business websites have such a low standard.

Why is it Hard to Find Great Looking Small Business Websites?

There are a lot of great website builders for small business owners that are looking to design great looking websites. Some of these designs even look better than the ones made by professional web designers. However, it’s only a handful of designs that I’ve seen go from a great looking template to a great looking website. I’ve always been like, “Why is this?” And then one day, my product manager for our own web product came over and he was like, Andrew:

“Small business designers should put less emphasis on the tool being used to build a website and more emphasis on who builds it. After all, if you and I were given a set of tools and a piece of wood and asked to make a table, sure we could figure it out. But a skilled carpenter is always going to produce a better product.”

You Can’t Build a Great Website If You Don’t Have The Skills or Talent

At the end of the day, it’s all about the skills that you have even if you have access to a great website builder. Then if you don’t have the skills, or the experience, or the talent, then you cannot build a great looking website, even if you have the tools for it.

The only excuse you have for a poorly designed website is if you’re a niche company. If it’s hard to find vendors within your industry, then you’ll survive to have a poorly designed website. On the other hand, if you have a lot of competitors, then there’s a ton of choices. People won’t meddle through your poorly designed website. They’ll just hit the back button and go to your competitor, and it’s much easier.

You Can’t Avoid Designing for Mobile in 2015

One more thing. You can’t avoid designing for mobile in 2015. Google announced the other day that for the first time in history, the amount of mobile searches has exceeded the number of desktop searches. So if you have visitors navigating from a laptop or from a mobile phone, they will feel equally comfortable with the design.

Remember the Big Picture

And that’s all for today’s Shark Bite. Remember the big picture. If your website can’t convert to users you’re buying from AdWords, you know what? Then buy another website. Buy one that can actually convert to users. It’ll be much more profitable for you in the long run. That was it for today. Please subscribe to our blog and our YouTube channel for more helpful tips.

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