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How to Pick the Best Font for Your Website – Shark Tip [Video]

Claudio Dominguez

8 years ago



When you first introduce yourself to someone, the idea is to create a positive impact on that person. Well, this applies to your website, as well.

One of the ways a user will form their impression on your website is by analyzing the font. In this Shark Tip, Gabby shares her advice on how to pick the best fonts.

Through a well-designed website font, you can ensure your visitors have a pleasant experience and can focus on what really counts – your content!

Some of the following font factors business owners must deliberate on are:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Practical or Unorthodox?
  • Typefaces
    • Leading (Line spacing)
    • Tracking (Letter spacing)
    • Kearning (Space between letters)

Depending on your brand or industry, these factors will differ. The one thing that remains constant is that fonts must be enjoyable and readable to the user.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Gabby from White Shark Media and today I am going to share with you two great places where you can find the best fonts for your website.

What Tone Do You Want to Set for Your Business?

For example, if you are a lawyer and use an informal font people may question how serious you are at your practice. The same thing happens when you are a designer and don’t use a creative font. To help you get started, dive into Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, and select the font family that represents your business the most.

It’s Not Just About the Information You Present, But How You Present It

Typefaces heavily influence the readability and overall graphic balance of your site as it affects how content is perceived by the user.

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