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4 Essential Tips to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



We are living in a DIY era. The amount of information available allows anyone to pursue an interest and dream in less time and at a lower cost than ever before. 

If you are passionate about promoting businesses and have the experience, you can start an online marketing agency with much more ease than ever before. 

The market is on your side right now. Traditional media budgets have migrated to using an online marketing agency as people take the contactless precautions to stay safe from COVID-19 virus contamination. 

Despite all this good news, if you are currently considering starting a marketing agency, the fundamental pillars remain essential to running a successful business. 

So, without further ado, here are the steps on how to start a digital marketing agency.

Tips to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

1. Everyone Must Bring Experience to the Table

Grandparents have a wise saying, “make sure everyone invited has something to offer.”

Each team member must offer a careful combination of expertise in a particular field and experience. Whatever the area is finance, creative, or White Label PPC management–each person must know what is required to perform a function and must have the everyday skills necessary to carry it out themselves.

We learn the everyday workings of an office through practice. It is not enough to understand the day-to-day issues that come up. Only experience can teach us how to face clients, work alongside different disciplines, and manage office relationships to flourish as a team.

Moreover, as the client-facing team members promise deliverables, transparent communication must be in place with those working behind the scenes. Procedures that respect everyone’s duties must be in place to request, create, approve, and swiftly deliver quality deliverables.

A few years of tackling office duties, collaborating with coworkers, and facing clients is essential to making it on your own. This understanding will provide you with realistic expectations of your profession as well as the execution.

2. Get Your Feet Wet

In New York City, it’s quite common for full-time employees to have a second job on the side. Many hold a steady job and soak up the realities of their industry of choice. This opportunity helps navigate entrepreneurship’s waters without the financial pressures that come with getting started with their own online advertising business.

The duality of the roles requires the development of a specific set of skills:

Client Management

Once you taste it, you will understand that the client relationship can be complicated, but brings its benefits. Ultimately, as complex as a client can be, you will value your client because they allow you to do what you love. 

As you navigate the entrepreneurial waters of starting your own PPC agency that handles PPC for business, you will learn how to juggle client requests, when to say no, and when to pull all-nighters to meet a deadline.

If you mess up, no one will be coming to yell at you, but the consequences will be on you. Yet, if you succeed, you will create your client satisfaction blueprint.

Time Management

Juggling two different roles demands digital marketers to manage their time correctly and sacrifice personal time to deliver. 

This schedule will fine-tune more than time management, though. As you venture with your online marketing agency, you will learn how long each task takes to create, what this costs, and what to consider before agreeing to manage PPC for businesses.


Another point that could be reminiscent of grandparent wisdom is that it matters more when it belongs to you. As you begin to build your dream digital advertising agency, you will carefully determine the building blocks you will need to set. In time, you will understand what kind of agency you want to run, what products you want to offer, and how you will bring that vision to life. 

Each of these points will contribute to a more favorable launch experience.

3. Define and Structure Your Business

Every business runs differently, and as you begin to form your digital marketing agency, it will require you to determine which formats will work best for you. 


You will need to decide what your digital agency’s essence is and guide in the decisions to come. Everyone can provide digital marketing services. 

  • How would you tweak the experiences or services from your past?
  • What was wrong? How will you do it differently?

Use this as your chance to make those improvements. 

  • What are the most important principles behind your business?
  • How will you create a culture that achieves this goal?
  • How will your culture nurture the kind of marketing professionals, services, and PPC clients you hope to have?

What Do You Offer?

As you create your list of online marketing services, the roles required to fulfill this will reveal your team. Take the culture you’ve defined and developed profiles of your dream team members. Use this to guide you as you’re recruiting.

How Will You Bill Your Clients?

Freelancers know this dilemma well, as dynamics change across projects. There are various payment formats that you can consider as you structure your business and services. Ideally, agencies recommend a mix of these options depending on the item. A seasoned professional knows what goes where:

  • Hourly 
  • Retainer Fees
  • Percentage of Spend
  • Commission-based

4. Outsource Help

Once your agency’s core services are defined, you can determine which kinds of tools you can use to help you grow your own digital marketing agency. 

Many digital marketing agencies attempt to add specialized services from the get-go but soon learn that it’s not that easy as some features are more complex than others. Partnering with a white label digital marketing agency or leaning on PPC tools helps achieve goals quickly and efficiently.

White Shark Media offers an entirely white label PPC management service and a set of sales enablement tools for digital marketing agencies. 

PPC Blueprint - White Shark Media

In a continual effort to contribute to the industry and educate businesses, our must-have PPC sales enablement tool created by marketers is now available. White Shark Media’s Compass offers a full tech stack that includes marketing and sales collateral, PPC software to sell and pitch PPC, an Academy for Agencies, Partner Portal, and more! 

White Shark Media's Compass


As mentioned earlier, we are living in a DIY era. We have access to the information to reach our goals and build our dreams. However, be it as it may be that all the information is available, there is so much about establishing a digital marketing agency that requires going through the steps we mentioned above.

If you want to know how to start a digital marketing agency, see how our PPC Partner Program can help. Whether you are ready to discuss PPC services or just browsing, we can brief you for when it’s right. Let’s talk!

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