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8 Benefits of Adding PPC Services to Your Portfolio in 2021

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



PPC was the ace up everyone’s sleeve in 2020. Those who already had strategies in place benefited from the increase in online activity over the last several months. In other words, PPC has proved to be one of the most effective marketing methods in this social-distanced era.

We’ve walked readers through how to add PPC services to their marketing portfolios before in recent posts, but today, we want to go through the benefits of adding these services to your agency.

When you can offer PPC services to your clients, you will start:

1. Growing Your Agency

Every digital agency must evaluate its current services as well as new opportunities to keep growing. As trends evolve and markets shift, an agency’s offering must stay relevant to remain profitable.

In the last year, the current limitations have highlighted the relevance and efficiency of PPC as one of the most useful additions to an agency’s portfolio of services.

White label PPC services enable growth as it allows digital agencies to offer a relevant complement to their current marketing efforts. Also, agencies provide their clients yet another tool to reach their business objectives.

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2. Scaling Your Marketing Services

You can scale your business without investing in extensive training or expensive tools. Freeing up these efforts allows you to focus on improving processes and strengthening client relationships.

White label PPC partners with digital agencies to provide managed, packaged, and branded pay per click advertising. In short, agencies increase profits without increasing overhead. Now, that’s a formula for scaling a business!

Adding PPC services to your portfolio of online marketing solutions can open incremental revenue streams and increase account values. As markets and circumstances fluctuate, a mix of services will help your agency and your clients adapt to the new conditions.

3. Building On Your Reputation

Once your digital agency has established itself in the market, it is vital to continue building on that reputation. Growth and evolution are essential to staying top of mind, and adding PPC services to your offering is a sure sign of how well you have managed so far and how much more you can help your clients reach their business goals.

4. Reducing Costs

Maintaining operations within one service area alone is costly for any digital marketing agency. Implementing an additional three or four services to the equation becomes a serious investment, meaning an expensive one!

Both of our white label PPC tools, WSM Compass and Partner Program, combat these issues to minimize the cost of diversifying your portfolio.

In-house services add to operation costs, while white label PPC increases your profit margin by providing high-quality services without the fuss.

5. Enhancing the Client’s Experience

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Free up time to spend with your clients by partnering with a white label agency. You can let them fulfill the services and deal with tedious tasks while you focus on your relationship with the client.

Your team will have more time and energy to create seamless experiences, build a strong bond, and cultivate clients’ loyalty. Happy clients will recommend your services to others, leading to an increased referral rate, which contributes to boost your sales.

6. Simplifying Your Team’s Workload

Most prospects want an agency that can cover as many of their needs as possible under one roof.

This is why PPC and SEO services are so often offered together. Both of these services require expert knowledge and tools that can be overwhelming.

You can simplify your team’s workload by letting them focus on what they do best while shifting the fulfillment of some services to a white label agency.

7. Adding Support & Expertise

Maintaining quality services and growing your business are two actions that are difficult to juggle. The right partnership will allow your team to balance the two by easing up processes, allowing for quality conversations, and brainstorming how to continue to improve.

A proper partnership frees up tedious tasks, guides your team with industry tools, and shares expert knowledge to close deals.

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8. Boost Awareness, Offer Tracking, and Reach Audiences with PPC

PPC will make your agency look good, but the benefits of adding this service to your portfolio don’t end with your agency. These services will improve your client’s marketing efforts and allow them to engage with the right people, at the right time, while controlling their own marketing spend.

PPC is more measurable than other marketing vehicles and helps businesses stay afloat as consumer activity migrates online. So, now that we’ve covered the benefits your agency can expect from adding PPC services, let’s look at how pay-per-click advertising will help your clients.

Clients Will Pay Per Click Not Per View

How PPC Works - Adding PPC Services to Your Agency

Paid search has several benefits over traditional advertising, which charges the advertiser based on estimated impressions.

PPC uses a cost-per-click (CPC) model, which means advertiser accounts incur charges when a user clicks an ad and visits their website.

However, there are increasingly more models for paid search marketing that use other techniques. Google offers CPM (site targeting) and CPA (pay-per-action) options on its content network, allowing advertisers to display contextual ads on third-party sites relevant to a page’s content.

You Will Target Your Clients’ Ideal Audience

PPC uses data to target your client’s ideal audience. This feature displays ads to likely consumers based on the criteria selected during campaign set-ups.

Proper targeting will allow you to reach relevant audiences with curated ads. Here are the different types of targeting methods:

Audience Targeting

  • Demographics: Focus on locations, ages, genders, and device types.
  • In-market: Targets users who are looking to make a purchase or have previously made a purchase.
  • Custom intent: Add URLs for websites, apps, or YouTube content related to your audience’s interests.
  • Similar audiences: Reaches users with similar interests to remarketing lists.
  • Remarketing: Reconnects with users who have already visited your website, requested a form, or purchased from you.

Content Targeting

  • Topics: Target one ad to multiple pages about specific topics.
  • Placement: Focus on websites within the display network that your customers visit.
  • Content keywords: Choose words relevant to your product or service to target users searching with those same terms.
  • Display expansion for search: Allow Google Ads to find users for you with a combination of automated bidding and smart targeting.

Budgeting Your Clients’ Campaigns

PPC has no limitations on spending, so you can set the campaign to whatever minimum or maximum monthly budget is preferred. Advertisers can specify limits across accounts or campaigns and indicate the maximum amount per click to pay for each ad.

PPC Allows Account Managers to Easily Gather Data

Gather real-time data for comparison tests to determine the differences in ad performance. Advertisers can leverage PPC tools that draw CTR (clickthrough rate) insights and access reporting options to track ad campaigns so they can tweak them for optimal results.

Because tools gather and process massive amounts of data quickly, PPC advertisers can learn and adjust easier than other marketing vehicles permit.

Speeding Up Your Clients’ Reach

PPC ads can be up and displayed to your potential customers within a few days (following editor review), while SEO results can take weeks or months. While you are waiting on SEO to boost organic traffic, PPC can begin reaching your ideal audience.

SEO goes through a different process. When a website is revised for SEO, its rank will initially drop while it’s re-indexed by the search engines. The results can last a long time, but you are unlikely to see overnight results.

Aligning these two strategies can deliver immediate and long-term results. Both help each other have more of an impact.


PPC services are essential to any digital marketing agency. If you’re not offering it right now, white label PPC services may be your biggest opportunity in 2021.

In the upcoming months, adding new digital services will help your agency evolve. Equip your team with new technologies and add a group of experts to back up your strategies and start seeing results for your agency and your clients.

Interested in learning more about our white label services and tools? Reach out to one of our strategists today!