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Don’t Have A White Label PPC Agency? Here’s the Ugly Truth

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



We’ve often discussed why white label services are essential for agencies to leverage. Still, just because it’s the new year and you may be more inclined to hear a few truths, we’ve made a shortlist of reasons why you’re wasting your time and money trying PPC instead of partnering with a PPC Agency and living it up.

You aren’t an expert.

Frankly, you probably aren’t an expert at PPC. Yes, you might be investing a lot of time into improving your campaigns, but if you are responsible for anything other than PPC, you probably have too much on your plate to invest the amount of time that is required.

It’s common for marketers and agencies to partner with PPC agencies like White Shark Media because we know what we are doing, and we have the time to keep up with the industry as it evolves–be it unexpected performances, new features, and essential optimizations.

Of course, we’re experts because we eat, breathe, and bask in all things PPC. It’s easier for agencies like ours to keep up as we receive constant support and training from Google and Microsoft. These services are usually overwhelming and costly for marketers. The great news is that when you partner up with an agency, their resources become yours.

You don’t have the capacity to grow.

If you have a small PPC team, you are limited in how much you can tackle. PPC agencies are built to grow. However, if your business or agency takes on too many accounts can end up having a negative result on your performance. The more accounts you have, the more campaigns there are to watch, the more reports there are to present, etc.

Instead of worrying about what your team can fulfill, it’s better to partner up with a PPC agency and make the growth process a pleasant one.

That said, on to our next point…

You aren’t focusing on your business.

The last but more important point is that you’re misusing time and money on PPC instead of focusing on your business. With all the scenarios mentioned above, you’ve spent time trying to figure them out when you should have been focused on providing the best possible experience to your clients.

If you’d been outsourcing PPC, you should be getting detailed imports once a month aligned with your client’s objectives and technical reasoning to where accounts stand and good news on where they are going.

Sounds smoother, doesn’t it?


We could discuss the benefits of white label services long enough to get us through the year, but we figure these ugly truths might get you excited about all the issues you could iron out in one consultation.

Are you interested in learning more about PPC? Reach out to us directly to discuss what White Shark Media can do for your agency today!

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