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How We Achieved a 3200% Increase in Conversions for Our White Label PPC Client

Antonella Saravia

4 weeks ago

What if you could reach millions of users who match your ideal customer? Great news, you can with PPC.

Before we discuss how we did this for our client, let’s quickly dive into the basics of PPC and how it can impact your business. 

PPC is a form of online marketing that allows businesses to strategically place ads in search engine results for specific keywords. Businesses pay each time a user clicks one of their ads. 

It can impact your business because, if done well, it can lead to immediate visibility and traffic.

Initial Assessment of Our Client’s PPC Goals

Before planning out a campaign, it’s important to determine objectives. This is the first step to creating a PPC strategy as a digital marketing agency.

Our client’s business specializes in a weight loss program that allows people to regain control over their body weight.

When this client first onboarded with us, they wanted a solid strategy to build a robust digital presence for their business. They serve various areas in San Antonio, Teaneck, Oklahoma City, Portland, Bradenton, Paducah, Draper, and Scottsbluff.

In our conversations, they also added the desire to increase their leads through clicks and impressions.

This led us to prioritize two goals:

  • Increase traffic by incrementing clicks
  • Drive more conversion actions on their website

Crafting a Winning PPC Strategy

As we craft a strategy, there are many things to consider. We run through all the marketing channels, budgets, and guidelines to ensure an overview of a client’s standing and interest. 

With this client’s goals and operating areas in mind, our team created a campaign segmentation focused on target locations.

  • Keyword expansion based on targeted locations to reach more users searching those areas. Keyword expansion helps by broadening the list of terms for the keyword list and campaigns to help boost traffic.
  • Search campaign to drive more conversions related to ‘bariatric surgery’ search queries. Search campaigns allow users to create sets of ads destined for Google's search results pages.
  • Bidding strategy set to Maximize Clicks to increase traffic. A bidding strategy allows the advertiser to set price range they are willing to pay for a click on their ad. 
  • Conversion tracking installation to push contact forms from website visits. Conversion tracking helps track user’s actions on a website after clicking on an ad. This helps reveal the effectiveness of a campaign.


Within a quarter, the results were monumental—a 3200% increase in conversions. We exceeded our client’s expectations in increasing traffic and conversions across campaigns. 

  • Impressions increased by 141%
  • Clicks increased by 100%
  • CPC decreased by 41%
  • Boosted Conversions by 3200%
  • Reduced CPA by 96%
Landing Page Case Study

White Label PPC

To put simply, we work with digital marketing agencies to expand books of business. We do this by offering tailored white-label PPC services. 

The benefits of outsourcing white label PPC services extends passed achieving stellar campaign performance. Working with our team also allows agencies to:

  • Experience increased flexibility and customization for your brand
  • Access to insightful resources and tools
  • Rely on expertise and certification with Google and Microsoft Ads
  • Work with upfront white-label PPC pricing 

Our team manages campaigns, sets up accounts, and tracks results while your team focuses on client relationships and rapport. Our roster of white label services can allow agencies to offer more to their clients. Products and services include:


Achieving a 3200% increase in conversions can seem daunting, but with the right strategy and tools, it is well within reach. Our client's success story is proof of the effectiveness of setting goals and relying on experts to execute PPC campaigns that lead to excellent results. 

As our work displays, PPC advertising offers a number of benefits to businesses, helping them grow brand awareness and boost sales. Learn more about white label PPC with White Shark Media.