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Reporting: Better Than It’s Ever Been

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



As we head back to our weekly routines, one of the first meetings we coordinated was with our strategists. Eager to get our goals in for the year, we approached reporting with one question in mind, “How can we make it better than it’s ever been?” We brainstormed the common frustrations that arise in client relationships. 

Fresh off the holiday break and not one to discuss pain points without solutions, we put some good stuff together. Below are some of the points that we will focus on this year. Please feel free to share this with your teams!


Establishing a good rapport with clients takes time. Being present during conversations is an excellent practice for any relationship, professional or personal. Being present in the moment will help you align quickly and clearly with a client’s objectives.

For example, if you’re on a conference call while texting on your cell phone, you might miss something that’s being discussed. Heck, you might even agree to something without noticing it. However, if you 100% focused while you are there, you will probably be quick to catch a concern or answer a question from the client. You may not have all the answers, but you’ll be faster on your feet if you are paying attention. 

This practice also comes in handy when someone on your team or the client’s team is short with words or vague with descriptions. You will catch those casual comments that require immediate clarification. 

Among the points we discussed, the last practice we’ll mention about staying present was to leave all other clients and issues at the door. This point was one of the simplest, but also the most popular point made by each strategist.


All types of relationships require checking-in. It is a clear sign of interest in any interaction. People like to know you care! As the week unfolds, sending a follow-up email helps everyone to keep things moving.

Aside from this critical point, our strategists stressed the importance of using simple and clear communications. Build trust by keeping things consistent. This means:

  • Make sure that the client understands any metrics or acronyms you use. Include brief explanations of marketing terms.
  • Check that any item promised is provided in a presentable format.
  • Make sure you submit deliverables according to your timeline.

Pick Up the Phone

When confusions arise, stop typing and jump on a call. Emails are great, but when there is an issue, go back to the spoken word. It’s easier to talk things out, and it will help you establish a more casual dynamic. Plus, it’ll save you the back and forth.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the notes from our first 2020 brainstorm. Let us know what topics you’re eager to learn more about by contacting our team directly. 


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