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PPC Sucks! Why You Should Hire An Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



A lot of people hate PPC. We get it; it’s a tough business, and by the time business owners and agencies approach us, they’ve all but given up. For all that PPC can contribute to your marketing and your ad campaigns, it’ll take up resources, which is how it got on your nerves in the first place. 

If you aren’t sure why you hate it, we’re happy to clear things up. That said, you can also use the post below as a guide to finding the right person for the job. We promise that addressing these points can help you hate it all a little less.

Unpredictable & Ever-Evolving PPC

We’re happy to keep repeating ourselves: PPC is ever-evolving, and keeping up with it is a job in itself. As many would like to believe, PPC is not a side gig; it requires constant strategizing and monitoring of accounts. A great PPC manager must dive into the industry and stay informed on changing features and settings on a weekly basis. 

You’d think that would be enough, but it’s not. Yes, there’s more! Practicing PPC is an essential part of mastering it. Ideally, the person in charge of your PPC campaigns should be slightly obsessed with getting it right. This focused creativity and determination will lead to tweaking features and settings until they find your business or industry’s sweet spot.

In a previous blog, we discussed some of the ways that our strategists stay aligned with the industry. Here is a summary of the tips that they shared:

  • Subscribing to industry blogs (such as this one!) to stay informed of changes in features, tools, and strategies
  • Periodically visiting the Help Centers on either Google or Microsoft
  • Using tools such as AdInsights by White Shark Media. This tool will walk you through performance insights of your PPC accounts and will flag noteworthy points to address on your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads accounts.

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It’s Time-Consuming

The problem with poorly managed PPC campaigns or outdated practices is that you can end up investing time and money into campaigns without seeing any results. 

PPC campaigns do not follow a “set and forget” dynamic. As mentioned in the points above and various posts that we’ve published, great performing campaigns need to be watched. Observation will yield which factors need to be tweaked. 

So, to stop checking your campaigns is not something that you have the luxury of doing. We know it’s a pain, but this is another reason why many hire PPC agencies. It’s not only a matter of achieving positive results but maintaining them over time.

So what are the things you can keep your eye on:

  • Monitor your budgets. Don’t let your successful campaigns run out of money while others still have money left. 
  • Align your website to industry standards. Your ads can perform until the cows come home but if your website isn’t up to par, then you may find people dropping off your site. 
  • Watch those negative keywords. It’s not all positive. You have to make sure that you block irrelevant searches for your own benefit. 
  • Use geographical targeting if it’s part of your goal.

It Costs Money

PPC campaigns are long term investments. If you spend the bulk of your marketing budget without knowing what you are doing, you will most likely end up wasting it away without seeing any positive results. This frustration may lead to abandoned campaigns.

PPC costs will vary across industries, but without expertise, little things that can bleed your budgets dry. For example, if you notice a high CTR with low conversions. The problem here is that you are paying for clicks without a sale. Users may not be finding what they are looking for on your site. You wouldn’t think it, but the copy on your ad must align with the text on your website. 

Again, these are small things that are hard to catch without knowledge and monitoring.


We know that PPC is a tough gig, which is why we do all that we can to offer our clients more than our expertise. We are eager to walk our partners through the ins and outs of their investments and help them dominate the PPC world.

Are you overwhelmed by your PPC campaigns? Let us help. Reach out to one of our strategists today!


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