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Sales Enablement: A Critical Element For Your PPC Agency’s Success

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



If you work in sales, you know the impact that sales enablement tools have on your PPC agency. It’s a hot topic, and there seems to be some confusion if it’s just another buzzword or a specific field of practice that generates turn around for businesses.

We’ve rounded up four basic questions about sales enablement to address any vague ideas around the subject with the hope of clarifying these points.

What is Sales Enablement?

The gist is simple; sales enablement provides a sales team with the resources needed to pitch a product more effectively. Designed to improve sales results, sales enablement addresses common gaps of doubts and concerns during conversations with potential clients.

Why Is It Important?

Sales enablement is essential to any organization as it empowers its salespeople with the knowledge base and firepower required to address challenges while pitching. The practice contributes to any organization in two different ways. First, it creates a space that invites constant improvement for any individual. Second, the continuous influx of information enriches the organization, starting with the people gathering the information (marketing) to the people preparing with it (sales).

This solution also democratizes know-how and helps scale the sales organization beyond a small group of rockstars. It enables all salespeople with the best practices, knowledge, tools, and resources required to succeed.

Sales enablement has proven to be significantly more useful to an organization than letting sales teams fend for themselves.

Three Remarkable Sales Enablement Stats You Should Know

However, bringing together resources and a series of tools is not enough. Many sales enablement tools don’t always enable sales teams. The services you acquire must contribute to productivity and bring teams insights for improved performance.

Sales Enablement Stat

There have been widespread sales products labeled “sales enablement tools.” The demand is there, but it’s not easily fulfilled. Again, generalized tips and resources won’t help anyone master the nooks of their industry. As options become more available, beware of investing in fluffy resources.

Sales Enablement Stat

70% of the buying decisions come before speaking to a salesperson. So when a customer reaches out to your company, they are where you need them to be in the buyer journey.

Within the software as a service (SaaS) industry, it’s crucial to have a sales process aligned to the buyer’s journey–inconsistencies between your sales pitch and what prospects research may pause the sales process. Sales enablement tools are fluff if unaligned with the buyer funnel stages.

Sales Enablement Tools That Are Beneficial For a Digital Marketing Agency

Our time servicing PPC led us to the creation of sales enablement tools. Our team tried and reviewed everything available in the market, which brought the desire to provide our own.

Our White Label Partners benefit from White Shark Media’s Compass, our PPC sales enablement tool. Whether agencies already sell PPC or have recently added it to their portfolio, WSM Compass is set to provide:

  • Partner Portal: Our partner portal will help you sync your business with our agency. It serves as a communication tool that allows our Compass clients to request assistance, proposals, reports, and more.
  • Knowledge Base Resources: White-Labeled Case Studies, Pitch Decks, Infographics, and more
  • Sales Consultations: Leverage our team as your own for every step of the pitch and onboarding process
  • PPC Audit Tool & Proposal Engine: Work smarter and faster with this PPC software that provides automated audit and proposal assistance
  • Academy: Strengthen your understanding of PPC, your sales skills, and your knowledge of the PPC customer lifecycle


As the buzz gets louder, we hope to guide you in searching for your team and business’s best sales enablement tools. It is imperative to invest in the right sources and avoid the gimmicks that result in little to no impact on a business.

If you are interested in learning more about how your digital marketing agency can benefit from these PPC agency sales tools, reach out to our strategists for a deeper understanding or subscribe to our blog. We’re here to help you!