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What Makes A Great PPC Agency?

Luis Bravo

5 years ago



PPC and online advertising are ever-evolving topics. For many, it’s hard to keep up. That’s why as a best practice, many turn to digital marketing agencies to help them manage their accounts and utilize the latest features and services to their communications strategies.

It’s an exciting thing to hand over your digital concerns to someone who understands it better. Ideally, you will start seeing results in the blink of an eye. Right?

However, failing to understand PPC and Digital Marketing can be a deal breaker when it comes to analyzing the work and results that these agencies deliver to you. With so much money being invested in digital advertising, it is crucial to know what questions to ask and what you should expect from your marketing agency.

How do you know if the agency you’ve hired is actually doing a good job?  How do you know if they’re even managing your campaigns effectively?

Here are some key areas to help you understand what these agencies are doing for you:

How Are the PPC Campaigns Structured?

Ask any architect, and they will tell you that the success of a secure standing building is the foundation. Unless the foundation is strong, the structure will not stand.

This also applies to PPC campaigns. A well-structured campaign will contribute to smoother and more efficient management will contribute to smoother and more efficient management that in the end will provide better results. This includes the set up of ad groups, keyword segmentation, relevant negative keywords, location targeting, ad schedule, and ad copies. Each done right will provide better results.

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising have many customized options that maximize performance and deliverables. A great PPC agency will have well-structured and personalized campaigns based on the client’s budget and their goals.

What Results Are Being Tracked?

A top PPC agency will focus on the analysis and reporting of their results based on the leads they get. Their performance will not be focused solely on Click-Through Rate or average CPC because, in the end, leads are a determining factor to business growth.

Your leads are tracked by adding tracking snippets to both the campaign and on the backend of the website. Additionally, the overall strategy should be based on the lead goals you have. Many businesses don’t see the value of PPC because they are not tracking results accurately.

Will My Account Receive Consistent Monitoring and Optimizing?

A great PPC agency is keeping track of its account on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This provides constant monitoring of budget utilization, spend tracking, fluctuations in traffic and review of the search terms for new keywords and negative keywords.

All of these should be reflected on the change history of the account, so you’re aware of how much attention and optimizations your account is getting.

What Kind of Reporting Should I Expect?

Reporting should not only reflect numbers and graphs. It should give you a full understanding of what’s going on with your account from traffic to spend and ROI. This will lead to insights on how you can further develop your strategy so you can grow both your campaign and your business.

Your agency should send periodic customized reports or upon request. These reports should explain the various facets and outcomes of the campaign, as well as the red flags where your input is required. Some of these include non-competitive pricing leading to low lead generation, quality of your landing pages, etc.


Does the Agency Keep up with New Trends and Technologies?

As we mentioned, digital advertising is always evolving. Partnering with a great PPC agency will help any business actualize campaigns and take advantage of new features. Constant updates will guarantee that your agency stays competitive and delivers the best results to the accounts it manages. These practices allow agencies to offer improved service and more optimal results.


Does the Agency Review Website and Landing Pages Data?

The ideal PPC campaign can drive lots of traffic through clicks on the ad copies, but that’s only halfway to turning those clicks into real leads. The other half relies on your website and the user experience it delivers.

Look for an agency that is always on the lookout for new ways to improve website user experience, landing page speed, how mobile friendly your website is, etc. These are constant conversations you should be having. Each of these will increase the overall quality of your paid search efforts and will give you a boost in organic searches!




Getting through the digital landscape is easier when you find the right partner. The questions we provided should help you in selecting a savvy and professional agency to help you reach your objectives.

If you’re ready to select the best agency for your business, contact us now and let’s grow together.

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