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Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring A White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



Many marketing agencies would like to add as many products as possible to lure in clients and grow their business. However, most specialized services require constant training and focus. The more you offer, the harder it is for your team to keep up with everything.

As predictable as the times are these days, it’s vital to ensure that your eagerness to offer services doesn’t compromise your portfolio’s quality. This makes white label digital marketing services a great ally to lure in more clients without compromising service quality.

What is White Label?

White Label Digital Marketing

White labeling is when a company provides an unbranded product and allows the purchaser to use the product as their own.

Let’s assume that Green Market Bistro specializes in gourmet sandwiches. They are great at marinating and preparing a long list of ingredients to make the most delicious sandwiches. Naturally, they want to add desserts to couple with their sandwiches, but taking on desserts could potentially compromise their current line up.

So, what can they do in a dilemma like this? Easy, they hire a white-label service specializing in making moist, fluffy muffins and chocolatey treats for them. They add these options to their menu without producing it, and their customers are none the wiser. Everyone benefits from this, and the quality of their offerings is never compromised.

White label services allow businesses to do what they do best.

What is White Label Digital Marketing?

Scale Your Agency With White Label Marketing

Now that we understand what white label services are, let’s get into how they function within the digital marketing realm.

Digital marketing agencies offer clients a broad range of services to create a holistic presence on the internet. Though it’s hard to provide all types of digital services, offering a mix is essential to complement each other and strengthen your investment impact.

Digital marketing agencies hire white label services such as PPC to add pay-per-click advertising to their existing portfolios and leverage them with other benefits.

A White Label Partnership saves the time and financial resources they need to create a specialized department or hire someone with know-how, invest in PPC tools and training to keep everyone up-to-date and continue to engage as accounts request this service.

PPC requires a great deal of time and energy. Some digital marketing agencies focus on other services as they lack the experience to add PPC to their product marketing portfolio.

Without proper guidance and expertise, it may take years before this service begins to provide the results required to match other services’ quality.

How Can a White Label PPC Agency Help You?

White Label PPC Agencies provide a fully comprehensive service. There are stages to consider, and we’ve prepared them below:

Research and Analysis

Agencies like White Shark Media begin by reviewing your clients’ industry, standing in the market, and digital space. As they gather information, they will flag what is working for the business and some areas of opportunities to boost results.


The ability to provide recommendations for your clients’ Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaigns requires experience coupled with constant training. Any digital service is challenging, as it is continuously evolving. PPC is not ‘set and forget,’ it requires continuous monitoring and optimization, as new products and feature updates are constantly rolled out.

Sales Support

In addition to the technical side, PPC Agencies provide all the necessary sales enablement tools to pitch the service to potential clients. White Label PPC Agencies prepare and package everything you need to make a sale and ensure that the resources provided are aligned with your brand and services.

A Complete Solution for Marketing Agencies

As a business, it’s impossible to overlook the financial benefits of a White Label Agency. However, PPC management service is not the only benefit of a White Label Partnership. PPC tools are often relatively expensive to take on. Partnering with an agency gives you access to a wide range of marketing technology or sales enablement to take your agency to run another level.

Sales Enablement: Empower Your PPC Agency & Achieve Results

At White Shark Media, our agency partners get unlimited access to:

Automated PPC Audits

With this tool, you will receive up to 30 performance-based recommendations. This PPC Software audits Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts, offers a wide-range of white label functionalities as well lead generation features. With AdInsights, sales reps don’t have to be PPC experts to provide insightful recommendations to their prospects.

Sales Consultations

Our team of Strategic Account Managers will guide you through a consultation to brief you on pipeline reviews, proposals, pitch growth strategies, and more. 

Sales and PPC Courses

Get a closer look at both Google Ads and Microsoft’s advertising platforms, improve your team’s sales skills, and learn everything about the PPC customer lifecycle to offer a five-stars service and have engaging conversations with prospective clients. Address concerns and specific features as you go through each course on your own time.

Proposals Engine

Close that deal swiftly and efficiently with automated white-label proposals. Shorten the time it takes to get everything from keyword recommendations, competitor data, to ad previews. 

Collateral Library

Provide your team with an endless amount of vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, and videos to help pitch or upsell PPC and all Google and Microsoft products.

Partner Portal (PRM)

Our communications hub allows your agency to stay aligned with ours. You will be able to request performance graphs, proposals, support cases, and reports. Prepare for new opportunities and close deals!


These days, maintaining client relationships and experiences satisfactory is vital to everyone.

If you’ve never considered adding PPC or any white-label digital marketing service to your portfolio, now is the time! Are you interested in hiring a White Label PPC Company? Book a meeting!