White Label PPC: 3 Signs You Need a PPC Agency

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Victor Hugo wrote, “Nothing in the world…not all the armies…is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Our times rely on digitalization, which means no one can overlook PPC anymore.

PPC enhances your marketing strategies. Pay-per-click advertising connects your business to the right audiences. It uses massive networks, machine learning, and specialized settings to achieve your objectives.

Unfortunately, the results can often be underwhelming. Many PPC agencies invest in Google Ads and Bing Advertising without seeing much engagement. This is usually because they underestimated its complexity and mismanaged the opportunity.

Pay-per-click advertising is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy. The bad news is that the onus of implementing it falls on you, the digital agency. The great news is that that responsibility can be handed off to someone else.

To whom, you ask? White label PPC agencies, of course. We can create and manage everything from ads to audit reports.

Going back to Victor Hugo’s quote, how does one know if their time has come? What are the possible signs to look out for before investing in a white label agency?

PPC is imperative, but so is timing. So, we’ve identified some of the common signs that may show you are ready to work with a white label agency.

You Need Help With PPC If You Are A Full-Service Agency

Adding PPC to your menu of services has some clear benefits. PPC adds a new revenue stream to your business and an avenue for your clients to connect with audiences.

If you are a full-service agency, you’ve spent a great deal of time mastering your current offerings. You should have processes in place to provide results across marketing platforms.

However, PPC marketing is a world all on its own. If you are juggling other disciplines, it’ll be hard to keep up with changes within the paid advertising industry. Remember, PPC relies on the digital realm and evolves faster than any other form of marketing.

Many clients come to us after long periods of attempting PPC. They check on accounts every few months, but nothing changes.

This management style doesn’t work on PPC. This form of advertising depends on automation and machine learning, so it needs constant human attention. Trends and market conditions need constant screen time so they can be adjusted on a moment’s notice.

You Need Help With PPC if Accounts Were Mismanaged

If the above has already happened, it’s essential to get back on the horse. Find a white label company to support you. PPC works, even if it didn’t the first time around.

The truth is not everyone knows how to tackle it. Those who do become experts because PPC requires complete immersion to do it well. Managing PPC requires a detailed understanding and regular management of the following elements:

  • Account Audit
  • Market Research
  • Campaign Building
  • Expansion
  • Reporting
  • Optimization & Testing

PPC fluency allows you to flag poor or stagnant performance in audits and catch new opportunities. Knowing platforms and staying up to date with digital trends makes it easier to effectively work with the different features and settings. You’ll know what to use to combat less-than-desirable results.

As you can see, it’s easy for non-experts to drop the ball and misspend time and money while trying to learn everything about PPC marketing.

You Need Help With PPC if You Want to Scale Your Business

If you want to scale your business by leveraging PPC, the only real solution is to hire experts to do it for you. All other options need periods of trial and error and misspent resources.

At White Shark Media, we designed a white label PPC partner program to help address this issue. We empower agencies looking to tap paid advertising but can’t do it in-house or want to scale their current services.

We provide the tools and resources that agency teams need to manage, pitch, and sell PPC marketing. We don’t only want to manage your PPC. We also want to back you with MarTech and educational tools to educate your team.

We created this PPC solution based on years of managing campaigns and supporting our partners. Our program includes a Partner Portal, tracking tools, reporting features, and sales enablement.

Interested in adding PPC to your services? Watch this video for more information.

In Short, You Need Help With PPC

Unless you are a PPC expert or specialized agency, you need help with PPC. It is such an essential role in marketing at the moment, you simply can’t afford to ignore it.

PPC helps you combat social distancing and limited budgets. Pay-per-click advertising continues to connect your business to the right audiences and keep your brand in the game.

Think we’re onto something? If you are looking to improve your PPC performance and want to learn more about our Partner Program, check out our website to learn more.