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The Three Ad Extensions You Should Definitely Include in Your AdWords Campaigns – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

9 years ago



Whether you are using AdWords to promote a product or generate leads for your local business, ad extensions should definitely be in your advertising arsenal. They are easy to set up and improve your overall campaign performance. They also make your ads more visible by allowing you to provide additional information about your company. There are several types of Ad Extensions to choose from, but in this Shark Bite, Ximena introduces the absolute must-haves.

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Video Transcription

Hi everyone. My name is Ximena. And in today’s Shark Bite, I will talk about the three ad extensions you absolutely need to include in your AdWords campaigns.

Enhance Account Performance

Ad extensions allow you to show a little extra information about your company, by giving you additional ad real estate. They’re easy to set up, they make your ads more visible, and they improve your overall campaign performance. There are a lot of extensions you can choose from, but I consider site links, call extensions, and callout extensions to be the most important ones. Here’s why.

Drive Visitors to Specific Pages

Sitelinks allow you to direct your visitors to a specific part of your website, and then that way direct your attention wherever you want it. You can have up to four sitelinks, and then that way this makes it the ad extension that allows you to have the most amount of ad real estate. There are a few things you need to keep in mind though. These extensions will only show if you’re in one of the top three positions. Also, you need to double-check your links to make sure you’re directing your visitors to the appropriate site of your page. And lastly, make sure you fill out all your description lines so that you give your ads the extra kick they need.

Connect Directly with Your Customers

Call extensions are also amazingly helpful extensions because they allow you to connect directly with your customers. The way it works is that it adds a call button that your users can click to connect with your business directly, instead of having to go through your landing page. Naturally, this extension will come in especially handy for businesses that rely on a lot of phone calls, like taxis. But one thing you do need to maximize your efforts is to have call tracking in place. Without call tracking, you won’t be able to know exactly how many phone calls your account is generating or the number of results that your efforts are yielding.

Showcase the Benefits of Your Business

Lastly, I want to talk about callout extensions. Callout extensions are relatively new to the whole ad extensions portfolio. But they are great because they allow you to showcase the general benefits of your company like free shipping or price match guarantee. You may be thinking they sound pretty similar to sitelinks, and you would be right. They are like sitelinks but without the links in less space since you’re only allowed 25 characters. You can add your callouts at the ad group campaign and account level. My recommendation is that you begin by adding your callouts to your first 10 ad groups and then work your way up from there. If you think you can use these extensions to improve your account performance, let us know in the comment section below, And if you want to learn more check out our blog at, see you next time.

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