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Finalists at the 2019 Microsoft Advertising Agency Awards

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



We are delighted to announce that White Shark Media was nominated for 2019’s Microsoft Advertising Agency Awards.  A big deal, the nomination for the Audience Excellence category, is awarded to technology and channel partners who deliver outstanding, compelling, creative, and passionate work for their clients within the Americas. 

Nominees included partners that have shown excellence in leveraging Microsoft Advertising audience products. Each candidate has found innovative ways to support their client’s objectives while increasing usage of Microsoft Advertising platforms.

Our team attended the 2019 Microsoft Advertising Agency Awards on Thursday, September 19th, at Spring Studio in New York. The nomination alone has provided encouraging insights into our methods and certainty in our work. 

Our work with Norwall PowerSystems, allowed us to identify the opportunities to serve their community during the hurricane season and saw a positive trend we were having in performance. The company specializes in emergency backup power generators and associated equipment and has over 55 years of experience in the electrical and power plant arenas. We knew that Microsoft users have higher purchasing power than those on other platforms and focused on Norwall’s targeting options. Microsoft Advertising allowed us to show ads to those in the real estate industry, both residential and commercial properties for sale and construction.

As Sharks, we only know one direction, forward. We always test and try new things to keep moving, keep learning. Participating in this category with each of these prestigious nominees is proof that we should continue doing what we are doing. We are happy to be serving businesses alongside each other. 

So, as our potential business goals will shift, expand, and define themselves, our mission will always follow. Until next year!


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