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White Shark Media Attends the Global Microsoft Advertising 2019 Summit

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



We attended this year’s Global Microsoft Advertising Partner Summit in Seattle. This annual Microsoft event allows advertisers to network with product experts, learn how to drive their business forward using insights, and meet their top search business partners around the world.

Our CEO, Alexander Nygart, and our VPs Francisco Lacayo and Daniel Alvarado joined Microsoft in Seattle to learn more about how Microsoft’s transformation is fueling innovation, exceptional client experiences, and industry-leading inclusive modern marketing.

Check out some of the notes on what we’ve learned:

Bing Ads Is Now Microsoft Advertising

Rebranding under Microsoft aligns the portfolio of advertising products available to their Partners. Audiences will notice that is now The Partner Program will also reflect these changes as will all other materials in the next few months.

Improving Customer Experiences

Microsoft emphasized its dedication to better the user experience. They will be releasing several features this year that will improve the consumer journey across various sectors.

Some of their improvements to the auto industry include richer ad creatives, leveraging AI, and features such as Automotive Inventory Ads and Video extensions. Separately for retail, expect to see growth opportunities through UET customization, a new Shopping tab, and leveraging AI to produce dynamic filters. They are also working on Product Shopping Assistants as an extension to any page. Each meant to make the advertising experience easier and more effective.

Travel is the next industry in the works that will benefit from new tools and features dedicated to enhancing the user experience.

Expanding the Microsoft Network

Microsoft highlighted the importance of its network and will focus on expanding with valuable partners. One of these partnerships is with Verizon Media. Microsoft will also be working on integrations with Reddit to provide rich content on search engine pages.

These alliances will allow advertisers to target potential customers through the entire sales funnel. The extended network will leverage relevant information to increase traffic volume, conversion rates, and User Experience. Naturally, expect to see a rollout of new advertising products to follow.


With a growing interest in transparency, Microsoft aims to align with its audience to drive loyalty. As data continues to be leveraged for better business, Microsoft will be prioritizing people’s privacy to build trust with consumers. Audiences can expect the following changes:

  • Microsoft to remove biases from information that feeds AI
  • Microsoft will have a board that monitors and guides how AI is used for marketing and within their organization
  • Open collaboration to drive transparency

Want to learn more? Don’t worry about not having attended the Summit. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog on how each of these features can work for your business.

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