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White Shark Media Announced As Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner

White Shark Media

10 years ago



It’s with great pride that we can finally reveal that White Shark Media™ has been announced as the latest Google AdWords™ Premier
SMB Partner for North America. Today is a day of excitement as we announced the new partnership internally in the morning.

Our participation in the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner program is a remarkable step towards ensuring that we can continue the amazing growth we’ve seen over the last 3 years and continue delivering a world-class experience to all our clients.

With the addition of the Premier SMB Partner program we once again solidify our increasing share of the growing SMB market within online marketing.

“We are excited to launch the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner program with hand-picked, highly qualified companies like White Shark Media.

The Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner Program is a great way for small businesses to connect with companies who can help them make the most of their online advertising. Guided by the expertise of our trusted partners like White Shark Media, small- and medium-sized businesses can maximize the value and performance of their campaigns.”

Says Ben Wood, head of Google’s Americas channel sales partnerships.

As a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner we:

  • Receive the highest level of support from Google, including direct access to the latest products, technology assistance, and marketing support
  • Complete Google’s most extensive product and account management training
  • Meet Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements
  • Provide end-to-end customer service, guidance and support to take the guesswork out of campaign development

Read more about the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership here:

New Logo and Home Page Design

With today’s announcement we have also taken the first step towards redesigning the White Shark Media brand. We want to introduce a new, fresher White Shark Media to our growing audience.

The first step has been to redesign our logo. Our talented internal design team has made our new logo from scratch:


At the same time, we have decided to revamp our home page to better suit our new profile:


So What’s Next?

We are committed to our clients’ continued success. This is why we intend to be innovative with our cost-effective, flat fee marketing solutions with full transparency and no contracts.

We’re not done with big announcements in 2014 and will follow up with a new addition to our agency in Q4. We know that you will not be disappointed.

It requires dedication, experience and creativity to achieve such growth in the competitive landscape that is Digital Marketing. But we’re up for the challenge, and expect to grow to double our size by 2015, on-boarding more successful partnerships with our results-driven campaign approach.

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