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White Shark Media to Attend Digital Advertising Event at Google New York Offices

White Shark Media

9 years ago



New York City, NY Nov. 3rd, 2015/White Shark Media /- White Shark Media will be assisting a Digital Advertising event, “IGNITE LEGAL”, focused exclusively on the Legal Industry. The event will take place at Google offices in NYC. 

We are excited to attend the event and listen to expert speakers talk about the latest Digital Marketing trends being used in the legal field, as well as how other Lawyers have found success with Digital Advertising. Their experience comes with an array of legal specialties: FDA, Civil Rights, Family, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Personal Injury, Tax Law, Divorce, Medical Malpractice, Auto Accidents, and many more.

Participating in this event will be expert speakers:

  1. Francine Geller – Head of Global Channel Marketing and Programs at Google
  2. Eli Romberg – Strategic Partner Manager on Google Channel Sales
  3. Jenna Nichols – Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google
  4. Jack Chen – Product Counsel at Google

They will be presenting and answering questions about the Digital Marketing landscape, capturing opportunities via AdWords, Google consumer surveys, and legal advertising. Finalizing the event, a networking cocktail hour will commence.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media, one of 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners in the US, is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that delivers online marketing solutions tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in North America, our growth is derived from engineering cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns while providing a world-class customer experience.


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