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White Shark Media Is Evolving

Alexander Nygart

5 years ago



White Shark Media is evolving and we are not going to slow down until we are the only solution any agency or PPC advertiser will think of as market leaders. After that, we will start running after something else.

It is ambitious, but we are going for it! On April 1st, we are beta launching three fulfilling products that you will be able to find on our product selection by end Q2 2019.

Every product and service is designed to tackle anything that makes dealing with PPC too time-consuming and expensive whether it’s knowledge, sales, or fulfillment. These products are tailored to small to midsize agencies, enterprises, and PPC advertisers that want, as we all do, more ROI and better results.



White Shark Media’s Academy is for anyone looking to gain and upgrade their knowledge and skills in Google and Bing Ads’ campaign management. We will start off with the following five courses:

  • Google Ads – 101
  • Google Ads – 102
  • Google Ads – Display
  • Google Ads – Shopping
  • Google Ads – Remarketing

Later this year, we will be adding courses for advanced optimization techniques for each certification as well as courses aimed at agency enablement. Each course will have a mix of self-study and online classes with an experienced trainer.


We have created a multipurpose tool for your sales team and for those behind the scenes as well. Ad Insights will allow you to scan any account in seconds and equip your team with valuable knowledge.

This tool will be White Labeled for our partners, so they are able to equip their sales team with easy access to PPC account audits and they will be able to send the account audits in PDF format to their prospects.

The best part is that we have created a proposal engine that can auto-generate a proposal for the prospect, show what you have just audited, and show what is to come later down the funnel.

For fulfillment teams, this tool provides a quick overview of where accounts are not cutting it and need more attention. Ad Insights will also work with our 3rd product that will be launched in Q2: White Shark Media’s Optimizer.


Initially developed for internal use at White Shark Media, we are now putting our internal PPC optimizer on the market. This is not AI or a solution that can automate your Google and Bing campaigns management. It’s a tool that guides, gives suggestions, and if integrated with Ad Insights, the two will play together.

The Ad Insights Tool will help you when identifying why an account is not performing the way it should, and the Optimizer Tool will tell you exactly what to do about. This will give any agency or advertiser who does their Google and Bing campaign management in-house a strong and scalable solution, one that can serve as a platform for good results and positive ROI.

There are many Adtech solutions on the market that has Google and Bing Ads in their keyword list, but not many that have been in the market for 10 years with constant product refinement and perfection.

Think of it like Coca-Cola suddenly saying “You know what, we will share our recipe because we actually believe that it is a better model for us.”

As previously stated, this is just the beginning. Much more is coming in 2019 and I will soon share our roadmap FYO 2020. If you have any feedback about what we are doing here please send it directly to me; it would be highly appreciated.

For each of our above products, we are inviting 15 beta users to test each of the tools during Q2 for free. We know there will be kinks in the beginning and we also know that, in collaboration with our clients and agency partners, will be able to come up with ideas together that we can quickly implement into Roadmap. Each of these 15 free licenses will be on a first come first serve basis.

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