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White Shark Media Launches Its Latest Product

Ana Aragon

4 years ago



Ten years have gone by since the start of White Shark Media. Over time, it has been defined by its ever-evolving spirit. 

As marketers, it comes naturally to identify what is working and what isn’t. Narrowing things down and taking quick actions have allowed us to grow our clients business’ as well as our own.

White Shark Media started as a Pay-Per-Click agency. Gradually, we added more services such as SEO, web, and design. Our focus was catering to SMBs as we created the perfect mix of services. Each step forward defined us and led us to who we are today, a Paid Advertising agency for agencies.

Today, we are launching White Shark Media’s Compass, a product that we have been working on for over 12 months. Our compass aims to help marketing agencies sell, fulfill, and market their agency. This new addition provides all the tools an agency requires. It includes Proposal Engine, Automated Audits, sales and marketing courses, collateral, our partner portal, sales consultations, and more.

Alongside our Compass, we’re also launching our new website. Reference all the details of White Shark Media’s Compass quickly and easily on our site. 

Our ever-evolving spirit is the essence of who we are. True to nature, like Sharks, we continue to evolve and dominate the pay-per-click market. 

Have any questions about our product? Contact our strategic account managers at [email protected]. Take a demo of White Shark Media’s Compass today!

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