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White Shark Media Recognized as a Top PPC Agency

White Shark Media

9 years ago



Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research firm, recently published new research on top PPC Agencies for 2015. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve been listed as a one of only two Market Leaders. We are honored to be recognized as paid search experts that provide great client service.

White Shark Media was first approached by Clutch in early 2015, during the outreach process to identify top PPC agencies. After learning about their inclusion process and scoring methodology, we’d decided to move forward as a research participant. This involved volunteering information about our services, technical and strategic capabilities, and the diversity of our project types and sizes.

Gratifying Responses From Our Customers

In addition to an internal assessment of our professional experiences, Clutch analysts also completed in-depth interviews with a few of our valued clients. The performance feedback that Clutch collected was especially gratifying.

The first client interviewed by the Clutch team was a painting company that operates throughout Canada. They were thrilled by the results that we produce and our commitment to client satisfaction and communication. The client’s President described what makes us special:

“It’s their dedication to providing top-quality results for their customers and working with their customers. White Shark checks in with us every month to make sure everything is going well, make sure we’re happy, and make sure we’re getting the results that we need.”

Clutch also spoke with a small business client that we partner with in the Washington DC area. The client is very pleased with our performance and ability to help his company grow. The client’s owner stated:

“Our business has been growing. Implementing them into everything has been a major contributor to that growth. They’ve been there when I’ve needed them, and they respond to any issue we have with the website. If I need to include something new, they get on it right away.”

We are pleased to be included in Clutch’s first PPC report not only because of the competitive nature of their research. We’re happy to have a company around like Clutch that is equally committed to showcasing the exemplary work of true service providers in the digital marketing arena.

Check Out The Report

Check out our Clutch profile and if you would like to learn more, see Clutch’s top PPC Agencies by rankings and reviews.

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