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White Shark Media’s Google Premier Event Empowers Miami SMB Community

White Shark Media

7 years ago



In addition to the inauguration of our new office last week, White Shark Media hosted staff, Google’s strategic partner manager, Patrick Tam, and a number of small-business owners from the area for the Google Premier Connect event.

As a joint effort with Google, the Premier Connect was created to inform business owners about the importance of micro-moments, presented by Google’s Patrick Tam, and to offer expert tips on how to make money with AdWords, presented by White Shark Media’s Andrew Lolk.

To end the night, attendees were given the chance to partake in a raffle to receive a FREE website from White Shark Media.

Check out the video below for a recap:

What Are Micro-moments?

For the past few years, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in consumer behavior thanks to the rise of the smartphone. But it’s not just the fact that there is more mobile usage–mobile devices are actually changing the way people engage with brands — online and offline.

This change in behavior has broken down the consumer journey into hundreds of tiny decision-making moments.

Consider These 3 Stats:

  • We’ve seen a 20% increase in mobile’s share of online sessions across the web in the past year
  • At the same time, we’ve seen an 18% decrease in time spent per visit across the web in the past year
  • In other words, as mobile accounts for more sessions, they’re getting shorter overall.
  • But there’s a lot happening in this session:  In the past year, mobile conversion rates have increased by 29%

These are micro-moments.

Small, intent-rich moments that occur when we turn to our devices for help. They are increasingly critical for brands to win because these are the moments when preferences are being shaped and decisions being made.

How to Make Money With AdWords

How to Take Advantage of Remarketing?

Remarketing is the act of advertising to people who have previously engaged with your website or have been customers. There are 2 types: Display and Search.

The best way to take advantage of both is to:

1) Build a solid remarketing list.

2) Segment your remarketing list. For example, for ecommerce businesses segment by users visiting your cart, users visiting product pages, and users using your search.

What Role Does Tracking Play and What Are Your Options?

Google AdWords allows you to accurately track your return on investment. You can do this by implementing Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking, or Call Tracking.

How to make the most of tracking:

  •  Set a reasonable cost per conversion target
  • Consider Volume vs Costs
  • Bid higher for keywords that are providing leads within your framework
  • Know that there are also business coming in that’s very hard to quantify

How to Spy on Your Competition or Competitor Research Tools

A list of things you should do:

  • Test Keywords that your competitors have been using for +6 months
  • Draw inspiration from ads that have been active for 6+ months
  • Mimic landing pages that have been active for 6+ months

A list of things you shouldn’t do:

  • Straight up copy what your competitors are doing
  • Assume your businesses are the same in every way

Click below to download the full presentation!

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