Improve ROI With PPC Management Services

White Shark Media’s PPC Management services are a cost-effective way to get more clients, increase revenue, and build more brand awareness. When you work with our PPC agency, you get your own team of marketing experts and access the industry’s best tools so you can get more out of every click.

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Work With a Premium PPC Management Company

A Team Dedicated to Your Business

White Shark Media Team

Over the years, our PPC agency has managed 8000+ advertiser accounts and 100M+ in media spend on Microsoft, Facebook, and Google platforms.

Our experience, know-how, and continued learning give our 110+ bilingual PPC marketing specialists the ability to tackle any obstacles and meet your business goals across a wide range of industries.

Get premium PPC management for home services, healthcare, legal, automotive, eCommerce, retail, and other verticals with a team of experts on your side.

Access Tools Built with Your Industry and Business In Mind

White Shark Media Team

White Shark Media’s blueprint for success is powered by experienced pay-per-click advertising specialists and the best technology.

You can access our Client Portal for easy and transparent communication between your team and ours. Our Reporting tool provides real-time data and insights into your campaign’s performance so we can provide recommendations on potential opportunities. Finally, Call Tracking technology highlights which campaigns drive calls, texts, form fills, and chats.

Your Ads Across Networks

We position your business on the Google, Microsoft, and Facebook networks through Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube, and Remarketing campaigns. Our PPC marketing blueprint leverages 10+ years of experience in the field to get the results you need. Here is a glimpse of our methodology:

Campaign Audit

  • Existing Campaigns
  • Site Analysis
  • Business Goals
  • Tracking
  • Technology
  • Marketing Efforts

Market Research

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Negative Keyword Research
  • Strategy Creation

Campaign Building

  • KPI Setup
  • Campaign Structure
  • Feed Clean Up
  • Tech Onboarding
  • Tracking Installation

Optimization & Testing

  • Search Query Analysis
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Device Performance
  • Bid & Feed Optimization

Reporting Results

  • Forecasting
  • Attribution Models
  • LTV Analysis
  • Deep Dive & Lexical Analysis
  • Campaign Results
  • Next Steps

Expansion Strategy

  • New Channels
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Testing New Campaigns
  • New Targeting Criteria
  • Revisit Complete Strategy

A Simple and Effective Pricing Structure

Our pricing is simple and clear. We charge one fee that covers all the PPC marketing services you need at a premium level.

Google 3D Icon

Google ads

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Local Campaigns
  • Smart Campaigns
Access Pricing

Microsoft 3D icon

Microsoft ads

  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Product Ads
  • Microsoft Audience Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising in Bing Smart Search
  • Responsive Search Ads
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Facebook 3d icon


  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Consideration Campaigns
  • Conversion Campaigns
  • Catalog Sales Campaigns
  • App Downloads Campaigns
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The Challenge

White Shark Media Team

Norwall Power Systems, a client that specializes in selling emergency backup power generators and associated equipment, came to White Shark Media hoping to increase traffic and sales. We provided experienced Google Ads management services to identify opportunities, increase qualified traffic, and re-engage previous visitors to increase revenue.

Our Strategy

White Shark Media Team

  • Change of the Attribution Model
  • Implementation of Automated Bidding Strategies
  • Begin using ad customizers, if-functions, and ad variations
  • Launch new remarketing audiences
  • Upgrade tracking tools
  • Add Microsoft Ads to the strategy

The Results

ROAS grew from 509% to

Cost per transaction decreased
by 62% in 5 months

Transactions increased by
45% in 5 months

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Karina has been amazing. Communication has been great. She is always making sure that we are doing our homework so that she can implement her next strategy. As far as communication, calls, emails, and strategy she has nailed it”.

Jaurex Vasquez | Blazing Hog

“You guys do, really, the magic. You use the internet to make people look at us, I don’t have any idea how you do it, and that’s why you get paid, so it seems like you know what you’re doing. Everything is results-oriented, we are getting the results and it appears to be profitable, as we are getting more out of it than we’re putting into which is great”.

Todd Imbler | Enclosure Solutions, Inc.

“5, 5, 5 all across the board. 5s! Because we’re killing it! The fact that I’m so busy is the reason why we’re killing it. You’re doing a fantastic job!”

Scott G. Roder | Evidence Room


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